Wednesday, February 17, 2010

MNIK at present in German and Turkish

Bollywood actor

Bollywood actor Shahrukh Khan's latest film My Name Is Khan is all set to be dubbed in German and Turkish to have a wider achieve. That's not all the movie will soon be released with Polish subtitles to appeal to a large international audience in Europe.

The Karan Johar directed film which released amidst protest by the Shiv Sena in Mumbai has received a tremendous opening and made $18 million in its opening weekend worldwide.

The decision to dub the film was taken recently by Fox STAR Studios India after it felt breaking the language barrier can pave for a bigger market for the film. Vijay Singh, CEO of Fox STAR Studios India said that the idea was to release the film is 25 non-traditional markets for Bollywood. He added that the process of dubbing and adding subtitles had already started and from March to June the film will be released in these markets.

My Name Is Khan is set post-9/11 period in US and deals with issues like terrorism and racial bias. The movie brings in Kajol and Shahrukh together after a gap of seven years.