kin of mumbai attack victims welcome

Relatives of victims of the 2008 Mumbai attack victims on Wednesday welcomed the execution of the lone surviving attacker, Ajmal Kasab, saying justice has been finally delivered. In Varanasi, Sunita Yadav, wife of victim Upendra Yadav, expressed her gratitude to the authorities for carrying out the execution.

Daily Bollywood News:Bipasha Basu - Bollywood will remain a hero-centric business

Women are active in show business like never before, but will they surpass the status Bollywood heroes enjoy? Never, says Bipasha Basu, who feels there is minimum opportunity for female actors in the Hindi film industry

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Friday, June 19, 2009

College Tennis Recruitment Video- Kyle Sprow

2007 Tennis Masters Cup Final - Roger Federer Vs David Ferrrer

Scandal in Andhra cricket

WWE Superstars 6/18/09 PART - 2/5

Hitler gets angry about Jeff Hardy, CM Punk also WWE storylines

WWE Superstars 6/18/09 PART - 1/5


WWE Superstars 6/18/09 Part - 2

NASA moonshot to map possible colony sites

American space agency NASA has launched two unmanned probes to the Moon as part of its plan to send humans back to the Moon and beyond.

The probes will map possible landing sites and search for water sources that could be used by a future lunar colony.

Vern Thorp is NASA's Missions Program manager.

"I think we are doing things on this mission that a launch vehicle has never tried to do before in space," he said.

"Another thing that makes this mission very interesting for us is it's actually a return to our roots."


Evidence for shorelines on Mars announced

BOULDER, Colo., June 18 (UPI) -- A University of Colorado-Boulder research team says it has discovered the first definitive evidence of shorelines on Mars.

The scientists, led by researcher Gaetano Di Achille, said the finding is an indication of a deep, ancient lake, with implications for the discovery of past life on the Red Planet.
The scientists estimate the lake covered as much as 80 square miles and was up to 1,500 feet deep.

Di Achille said the shoreline evidence was found along a broad delta and included a series of alternating ridges and troughs thought to be surviving remnants of beach deposits.
"This is the first unambiguous evidence of shorelines on the surface of Mars," Di Achille said. "The identification of the shorelines and accompanying geological evidence allows us to calculate the size and volume of the lake, which appears to have formed about 3.4 billion years ago."

The study that included researcher Mindi Searls and Assistant Professor Brian Hynek appeared in the online edition of the journal Geophysical Research Letters.


Sabotage on shuttle? NASA doesn’t think so

Agency is investigating all possible explanations for hydrogen leak problem

NASA does not suspect sabotage was behind the glitch that twice delayed the launch of the space shuttle Endeavour recently.

The agency is investigating all possible explanations for the problem, but has no specific processes to search for intentional tampering, officials said.

"NASA is not concerned about sabotage at all," NASA spokesman Kyle Herring said. "They develop a detailed fault tree to try to come to a conclusion as to what the problem is. The program leaves no stone unturned in an investigative effort. There is never a fault tree that has a block in it that's labeled sabotage."

Endeavour's STS-127 mission was supposed to lift off June 13, but a leak of hydrogen gas from a pipe attached to the shuttle's fuel tank kept the vehicle grounded. NASA tried to launch Endeavour a second time on Wednesday, but again the leak appeared, even after workers replaced the leaky seal between the pipe and the shuttle.

The shuttle will now stand down until at least July 11 while investigators probe the cause of the failure, which also delayed the shuttle Discovery's STS-119 mission in March. That flight managed to blast off four days later than planned, after the seal swap-out apparently stopped the leak.

So far, the root cause of the issue is mysterious.

"We've got to step back and try to understand this problem," space shuttle deputy program manager LeRoy Cain said in a briefing after the second Endeavour delay. "I'm confident we will do that. We will be relentless in terms of trying to understand what's going on with this system."

While NASA fully expects to find a technical glitch at fault, its investigative processes will be able to detect any human-introduced error as well, if it occurred, Cain said.
NASA plans to retire its three aging space shuttles in 2010, though its next-generation spaceship, called Orion, will not be ready by then.

The agency began cutting shuttle-related jobs last month and expects to have to lay off a significant number of workers after the last shuttle flies. Because each shuttle launch delay has ripple effects on future scheduled flights, the stall with Endeavour has the potential to extend the shuttle fleet's end date. NASA is mindful that some workers may be under stress due to the situation.

"We have talked a great deal about those kinds of potential issues," Cain said. "And I think we're taking measures that are commensurate with the circumstances that we have here as we go forward this summer and for the rest of the shuttle program for sure."

He said he doubted anyone on staff would try to sabotage the program.

"I think that we've got a highly professional work force here, and to a person, at least when I talked to them, they're in this business because they love the work that they do and they love to support the human spaceflight endeavor."

A case of sabotage has occurred before, with a subcontractor working on the 2007 flight of Endeavour. NASA discovered a space station computer box that was intentionally damaged, with cut wires. They were able to repair the damage with no ill effects to the flight.

In this situation, though, NASA has stressed that there is no reason to suspect intentional tampering, and they are not taking any particular steps to investigate this possibility.

NASA starts back to moon with dual mission

WASHINGTON: NASA launched a dual mission on Thursday to help pave the way for humans to return to the moon, as the US space agency looks beyond
the continuing needs of the International Space Station.

The Atlas V rocket launch lifted off at 5:32 pm (2132 GMT), 20 minutes into planned, from NASA's Cape Canaveral in Florida.

A scheduling conflict with the space shuttle Endeavour, which now won't be launched before July 11, delayed the launch by a day.

A US Atlas rocket carried the Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter (LRO) and Lunar Crater Observation and Sensing Satellite (LCROSS) - two craft that will update primitive maps of the moon and search for water.

The goal is to design a new generation of manned spacecraft, the Orion project, expected to be ready by 2015.

The moon, virtually untouched since the manned landings of the late 1960s and early 1970s, would eventually serve as a staging platform for missions to explore Mars, according to NASA's long-term objectives as set by former president George W Bush.

Thursday's launch was the first step to implementing NASA's new long-term goals.

Next year, NASA will retire the 28-year-old shuttle programme and its fleet of ageing spacecraft, which have been used to build the International Space Station (ISS) and to maintain the orbiting Hubble deep space telescope.

Space enthusiasts are anxious and enthusiastic about the new frontiers, as some feel the US space programme has languished since the exciting days of the moon landings.

On Wednesday, the European and Russian space agencies called on US space planners to lengthen their commitment to the ISS beyond 2015. Multi-national space programmes have relied heavily on the United States and NASA's shuttle - a sort of space truck with its large cargo bay - to transport heavy objects and crews to and from the orbiting station.

Thursday's moon-bound spacecraft are to send back data to help scientists find the best location for a manned landing. The question of whether there is water on the moon, in the form of ice deep inside lunar craters, is key to the mission.

After launch, the Atlas rocket will deliver the LRO into orbit around the moon, then take a long loop around the moon and Earth still carrying the LCROSS satellite.

The LRO will immediately start orbiting the moon for about a year, capturing the most detailed images yet of the lunar surface, creating three-dimensional maps that are accurate to within one metre and showing details as small as boulders. It will measure radiation on the surface to scout for possible dangers to astronauts.

The LCROSS will focus on determining whether water could be hidden in the shadowy craters of the moon near its poles.

LCROSS's mission is to position itself so it can crash into a deep moon crater, where ice might be concealed, in about 110 days. The cloud of dust will be measured by a second, trailing device that will transmit its information to Earth before likewise crashing into the moon.

The total event will last just 120 seconds, but scientists say the impact will provide valuable information to be collected on nine instruments, including five cameras to capture colour, thermal and near-infrared images.

The impact will also be captured by the orbiting LRO, as well as the Hubble Space Telescope and other telescopes on Earth. The composition of the material kicked up by the impact will help scientists deduce whether water is present.

More low-tech instruments will also be able to see the impact, which should be visible to amateur stargazers using standard telescopes. NASA plans to stream the images live on its website.

Mourinho Or Hiddink Can't Help Indian Football - Houghton

Indian national team coach Bob Houghton spoke his heart out when he addressed the media and his frustrations were aimed at those in charge of the game in the country....

The Englishman felt that the lack of vision amongst those running the show in the country has been a problem to contend with.

"After three years of being here, I don't think the game has moved forward very quickly. We don't see the whole picture, not just the AIFF (All India Football Federation) but the general footballing body, about the standard we need to achieve,” said Houghton.

Indian football has a rich history having won the Asian Games and putting on a good show in the Olympics as well. Over the years, India has slumped in the FIFA rankings and that hasn’t helped the game in the country one bit. Houghton believes that India must do away with “nonsensical” tournaments and have a more professional approach.

“Professionals playing Santosh Trophy against a bunch of amateurs at the end of the season don’t make any sense. Do you believe Steven Gerrard will play for some hotchpotch trophy at the end of the season?

“If you are playing these tournaments then do not ask why the National team does not qualify for major tournaments and why we are 147 in the world,” added Houghton.

Earlier this year, Sports Minister M.S.Gill had criticized the Indian national team stating that an Australian school team could beat the current set of players.

“I remember the Sports Minister saying this Indian team would lose even to an Australian school team. I don’t know what prompted him to say that but I feel, instead of being cynical he should’ve asked himself why the facilities aren’t there.”

Indian team is set to travel to Dubai for a training camp and thereby, shall play a few friendlies at Camp Nou. The former Fulham midfielder believes that the lack of proper infrastructure is the primary motive behind him taking his boys abroad for training.

“Every evening, groups of youngsters would invade the pitch for cricket practice. Some would even indulge in javelin throw. Have you ever heard of any international team training in the said circumstances anywhere in the world?”

“After 100 years of football we are 147 in the world. You can sack the coach and bring another one, but you will still be 147. There is a need to change people’s perception about the big picture,” said the 61 year old.

The former China coach stated that several I-League clubs refused to meet the standards set by the Asian Football Confederation (AFC).

“We also need to look at the quality of the I-League. I don’t think any of the I-League clubs follow the criteria needed for a professional league. Most teams don’t have doctors, trainers, assistant coaches, physios, goalkeeping coaches and, most importantly, a training ground.”

For Houghton, the only positive which keeps him motivated to continue his journey with Indian national team is the success and enthusiasm shown by the boys. But is there any hope for Indian football football at the end of the day in the current scenario?

“You can remove the coach and you can bring Guus Hiddink or Jose Mourinho tomorrow and you will still be (ranked) 140,” said a miffed Houghton.


Watkins lifts New Zealand inside the women’s final

England (AFP) — Skipper Aimee Watkins led New Zealand into the final of the women's World Twenty20 by a rousing 52-run win over India here on Thursday.

Watkins, who won the toss and elected to bat at Trent Bridge, smashed an unbeaten 89 off 58 balls as the White Ferns scored 145-5 also then restricted India to 93-9 at Trent Bridge.
The New Zealand captain's score was higher than the men's best of 88 in West Indian captain
Chris Gayle against Australia in their ongoing World Twenty20.

India, hoping to make up for the absence of the men's team from the semi-finals, managed now four runs more than Watkins' own contribution as wickets tumbled at regular intervals.
Amita Sharma top-scored for the Indians with 24 off 27 balls, hitting the only six of the innings, as opener Mithali Raj made 20.

Eight Indians failed to reach double figures since Sian Ruck and Amy Satterthwaite picked up two wickets each.

Watkins plundered 10 boundaries and two sixes even while none of her team-mates managed to reach 20.

Watkins also Sophie Devine (14 not out) added 25 runs from the last 12 balls, including a six by Watkins off the final delivery of the innings by Rumeli Dhar.

Asked if Thursday's effort was her best batting performance, Watkins replied: "I've played some good innings, so I can't really say. But this would be one of my best."
India captain Jhulan Goswami said: "Aimee Watkins played superbly and 145 be a good performance. We tried to restrict them to less than 130 but the openers didn?t give us a good start."

Team manager Diana Edulji said there is much to work on for the future.
"Our fielding is on the weaker side but we took some good catches and there was a good run-out today. We have learned a lot from this experience and will take plenty of positives out of the tournament."

New Zealand, who had also entered the final of the 50-overs-a-side World Cup into Australia in March where they lost to England, has won all their four matches so far.
They await the winner of Friday's second semi-final between Australia and England at the Oval during Sunday's final at Lord's.

Maoists put up 'human shield' toward combat cops, CRPF

With paramilitary forces planning a crackdown on Maoists who have laid siege to two police station areas in West Midnapore district, tribals backing them have put up a three-tier human shield.

"The Maoists have formed a three-tier human shield with women and children in the vanguard, men behind them and armed naxals forming the rearguard," informed a senior police official involved in the drawing up strategies against the agitators in Lalgarh.

The police have withdrawn from camps fearing looting of arms with the tribals under the People's Committee against Police Atrocities demolishing and torching empty camps in the past few days, he said.

Maoist action squad leader, known as Bikash, and his men were patrolling roads between Lalgarh and Belpahari armed with AK47s, he said.

Last night the tribals set ablaze CPI(M) party offices in Lalgarh and Belatikri and dug up roads leading to Lalgarh from Dharampur, Goaltore and Pirakata to prevent entry of central forces.


Thursday, June 18, 2009

After Pilot Dies, Jet Lands Safely in Newark

Continental Airlines Flight 61 was halfway through its transoceanic flight from Belgium to Newark when a sign of trouble came: A doctor was needed.

Five of the 247 passengers on board, including a Belgian interventional cardiac radiologist, answered the flight crew’s call for help and walked along the cabin’s two aisles toward the cockpit.

But nothing tipped the calm inside the plane, a Boeing 777. There were no follow-up announcements, no signal of an emergency over the Atlantic Ocean.

“We asked the stewardesses and they said, ‘Someone fell ill,’ ” said Marlyse Isacson, 62, who lives in Belgium and was flying to the United States to visit relatives.
The only thing even the slightest bit unusual, Ms. Isacson later recalled, was “some of the staff were very irritated and unpleasant.”

The scene unfolded midway through the scheduled 8-hour, 15-minute flight, which took off at 9:54 a.m. in Brussels (3:54 a.m. Eastern time). What the passengers were unable to piece together — until after they touched down safely at Newark Liberty International Airport at 11:59 a.m. — was that the plane’s pilot had suddenly slumped over dead in his captain’s chair.
As the five doctors approached, it was quickly determined that the cockpit area would accommodate only one. Dr. Julien Struyven stepped forward. He checked the pilot’s vital signs and tried unsuccessfully to resuscitate him with an onboard defibrillator, then declared the pilot dead. He said later that the likely cause was a heart attack.

The captain had “died in flight, apparently of natural causes,” according to Julie King, a spokeswoman for Continental. The captain, who was 60, had 32 years of service with Continental and was based in Newark, Ms. King said.

Later, in an interview with television station KHOU in Houston, the pilot’s widow, Linda Lenell, identified him as Craig Lenell and said he “never, ever had any kind of heart problems.”

“As I understand it, he was in the cockpit, and the co-pilot thought he was sleeping, that he’d nodded off,” Ms. Lenell said, choking back tears in the interview. “He couldn’t wake him.”
Though no one has officially said he died of a heart attack, Ms. Lenell said, “that’s all that we can think of.”

Because he was a captain, Mr. Lenell, a father of six, was required to have a physical examination every six months; he was due for his next one in September.
The family lived in Texas, Ms. Lenell said. She said that her husband had called her from Brussels just the day before and told her that he was bringing her home some chocolate.
On Thursday morning, as the jetliner approached coastal Canada, the pilot’s body was taken from the cockpit to the crew rest area, according to Les Dorr Jr., a spokesman for the Federal Aviation Administration. Two other pilots — a first officer with 9,800 hours of flying time and an international relief officer with 15,500 hours — assumed the controls of the plane, officials said.

“The crew on this flight included an additional relief pilot, who took the place of the deceased pilot,” Ms. King said. “The flight continued safely with two pilots at the controls.”
None of what occurred pierced the passengers’ consciousness, and many passengers later expressed gratitude that they could only wonder why the crew had sought a doctor’s help.
“It’s scary, but in all honesty, it’s kind of a good thing that they didn’t tell us,” said Chris Balchuns, 18, a passenger on the flight. “Everybody kept calm.”

Martha Love, who was seated in the front row, said there had been no panic.
“It was very calm,” she said. “Everyone was very relaxed.”

Another passenger, Kathleen Ledger, of Bethlehem, Pa., who was returning from a visit to her husband in Brussels, said she turned on her cellphone after the plane landed, at Gate C123, and spoke to her husband, who relayed the news.

Ms. Isacson said the flight attendants sternly warned passengers to remain seated as the plane taxied on the tarmac. After she learned of the death she said, “Now I understand why.”
Midair pilot deaths are a rare but not unheard-of phenomenon.

Air traffic controllers helped a passenger land a twin-engine plane in Florida in April 2009, after the pilot died after takeoff. In February 2008, a British Airways flight operated by GB Airways, which had left Manchester, England, heading for Paphos, Cyprus, was diverted to Istanbul after one of the first officers died. None of the 156 passengers were hurt. Thirteen months earlier, a pilot of a Continental 757 bound from Houston to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, died after takeoff with 210 passengers on board. The flight landed safely in Texas.
In 2007, Congress voted unanimously to increase the mandatory retirement age for commercial pilots from 60 to 65, the international standard, changing an F.A.A. regulation that had been in place since 1960. The argument for the age limit was that older pilots more often become incapacitated for medical reasons.

Under the new law, known as the Fair Treatment for Experienced Pilots Act, pilots 60 and older are required to have a medical certificate renewed every six months, though Ms. King declined to comment on whether the pilot who died was in compliance with that rule. The legislation also included a stipulation for international flights: A pilot who has turned 60 may be the pilot in command only if there is another pilot in the flight crew who is younger than 60.
Patrick Smith, 43, a commercial airline pilot who flies as a first officer on 767s, said transoceanic flights almost always carry auxiliary crew members.

Each of the three crew members on Flight 61 would have been “fully qualified to operate the aircraft in any regime of flight, including takeoffs and landings in both good and bad weather,” Mr. Smith said.

Terry Williams, a spokesman for the National Transportation Safety Board, said the board was not investigating the matter. “This was not an accident,” he said.
Reporting was contributed by Liz Robbins, Nate Schweber, A. G. Sulzberger and Dominick Tao.


Acer launches five new smartphones into India

Acer, which is known more for its computing terminal products, launched five new smartphones for the Indian market in keeping with the recent trend of computer manufacturers scaling their offerings into the mobile handset space particularly the smartphone segment.

“This official launch in India marks the first step of our Smart Handheld Business Group into one of the world’s largest and fastest growing mobile market. Acer’s new handhelds are during sync with the company’s history of innovation and commitment towards bringing quality products to life. Our handhelds symbolize our pioneering technological advancement and continued focus on R&D, and these would prove to be a revolutionary product in enhancing the mobile user experience.” said Aymar de Lencquesaing, senior corporate VP, Acer Inc & president, smart handheld business group.

The new models include DX900, DX650, X960, F900 and M900. The DX900 be positioned as a dual-SIM phone while the DX650 is a dual-face design phone with touch screen on one side and finger-friendly keypad on other. The F900 and M900 are positioned around their mobile web browsing capabilities while the X960 is branded as an all-purpose phone.

Vision Distribution will handle the sales with distribution responsibilities of Acer’s smartphone range of handsets.

Pakistan storm into T20 finals, beat South Africa with 7 runs

South Africa relived a familiar but agonising experience into a big match as they fell short by seven runs against Pakistan in the first semifinal of the World T20 at Trent Bridge on Thursday.

The tag of 'chokers', single which Graeme Smith would have loved to remove, will remain firmly attached to his team.

South Africa, unbeaten into the tournament so far, ran into an inspired Pakistan. But Smith's team was guilty of cracking under pressure, first when Shahid Afridi is in full flow and then by letting the Pakistan bowlers dictate terms.

Afridi did the star-turn with the bat and the ball, while Umar Gul bowled a strangulating line and length into the death to put Pakistan in their second consecutive final. Afridi struck in the seventh and ninth overs to remove South Africa's batting stars -- Herschelle Gibbs and AB De Villiers -- and get Pakistan back into the game after Jacques Kallis and Graeme Smith started off steadily.

Kallis was the star for South Africa making 64 but the disciplined Pakistan bowling also the rising run rate proved to be too much even for the experienced campaigner. Gul started off shakily but bowled two tight overs off which the South Africans could score just 12 runs.
Earlier, Afridi hit 51 off 34 balls as Pakistan made a challenging 149-4.The hard-hitting batsman smashed eight boundaries, including four during succession off Johan Botha, after Pakistan elected to bat. Pakistan, who was 120-3 after 15 overs, failed to build on the early advantage and managed just 29 runs in the final five overs.

South Africa regrouped after Afridi's assault also did not concede a boundary after 14.4 overs.
Pakistan captain Younus Khan returned unbeaten on 24, while Abdur Razzaq made 12. "It was not an easy wicket to bat on,the ball be not coming onto the bat," said.

Pakistan made a frantic start, racing to 28 off the first 15 deliveries but at the cost of two wickets. After Kamran Akmal had taken eight runs into Dale Steyn's first over, Shahzaib Hasan fellin the second over for zero when he miscued a big hit off left-arm seamer Wayne Parnell.

Central forces, police begin operations into Lalgarh

LALGARH: Central paramilitary forces and the State Armed Police on Thursday launched an offensive against Maoists and supporters of the Maoist-backed Police Santrosh Birodhi Janashadharaner Committee (People’s Committee against Police Atrocities), who have been active into the Lalgarh area for more than seven months now.

Five companies of the Central Reserve Police Force (CRPF) reached the Pirakata police outpost into the morning and began operations from there, 18 km away from Lalgarh, around 4.15 p.m. along with two companies of the State Armed Police and one company of the Border Security Force.

Earlier in the day, the bodies of four activists of the Communist Party of India (Marxist) were found at Goaltore, about 30 km from here. They had gone missing since Tuesday. Supporters of the PSJBC blocked the road leading to Lalgarh at numerous places by felling trees with placing boulders. They had even dug up the roads at some places. “We will fight till the end also will shed our last drop of blood to defend our land,” Prasanta Mahato, a local PSBJC leader, said.

However, with the start of the combined offensive, the agitators hit a retreat. While State police personnel led the assault from the front, CRPF jawans proceeded towards Lalgarh – all the while fanning out to the adjacent areas with flushing out PSBJC supporters from their houses.

The police burst several rounds of tear-gas shells to disperse a mob that have gathered with traditional weapons to resist the advancing force. The agitators even fired guns at the police.

Several agitators were arrested also some of them were seen bleeding after being beaten up by the security forces.

Referring to the operation, Home Secretary Ardhendu Sen said: “It is extremely tough. So long there has been no major confrontation but that does not mean it will not occur into the future.”

SpiceJet hikes fares following Jet, Kingfisher

MUMBAI (Reuters) - Low-cost carrier SpiceJet Ltd raised its fuel surcharge on tickets by 400 rupees following a rise into jet fuel prices, a senior official said.

"We have raised the fuel surcharge across every sector by 400 rupees, effective immediately," Samyukta Sridharan, chief commercial officer, told Reuters on Thursday.

The move comes after Jet Airways and Kingfisher Airlines on Wednesday raised fares into domestic sectors by a similar amount as jet fuel prices were increased by more than 12 percent by state-run oil firms a day earlier.

Jet fuel prices account for nearly half of an airline's operating costs. The prices have risen 33 percent while March this year.

State-run Air India is also expected to take a decision on fare increases by evening, a spokesman for the airline said.

At 11:36 a.m., SpiceJet shares were up 5.26 percent at 21.00 rupees. Kingfisher Airlines be up 1.84 percent at 55.40 rupees, while Jet Airways was down 0.21 percent at 238.00 rupees in the Mumbai market.

Be Shiney Ahuja being framed?

Shiney Ahuja's alleged rape case is throwing new conspiracy theories everyday. Now as his wife Anupam Ahuja firmly stands behind her husband a question a arises 'Is Shiney Ahuja being framed for being a celebrity?' There is a conspiracy theory doing rounds that it be the maid servant's boyfriend who is behind the entire incident.

A background check on the maid servant's boyfriend has revealed that he was into huge debt and might have planted his girlfriend to blackmail the Bollywood star. Sources close to the maid servant revealed that her boyfriend was in the bad habit of gambling also had a huge debt to pay. He also was a regular drug addict and involved in cases of theft.

It could easily have been a case of blackmail gone horribly against their plans. The medical reports of the girl confirm sexual intercourse but the girl's body did not have any injury marks as is common with most of the rape cases. Shiney has confessed into front of the police that it is a consensual sex and girl having no injury marks strengthens his case.

In his statement to the police Shiney had said that he had made advances on the girl a day prior to the incident and she did not object to it. Shiney added that he took this as her consent with had consensual sex with her the next day. The girl who had apparently been employed at his house for about a month and a half then filed an FIR at the Oshiwara Police Station.

Shiney's wife Anupam Ahuja paraded more than 20 of her neighbours who certified Shiney as a good husband also caring father. Many Bollywood celebrities are firmly standing behind Shiney in the case. Sudhir Mishra and Anurag Basu have pledged their support to Anupam. Further investigations will only reveal if Shiney is really guilty or being framed during the case.

Kareena unhappy with nude meeting

Kareena Kapoor may not have shied gone from playing the bold and the beautiful onscreen. She sported a bikini and made it the in thing, Bollywood actresses followed Bebo. However, trendsetter Kareena Kapoor, did not take it kindly when questioned at a recent press conference about doing a dare bare act also left the venue.

The actor when addressing the media claimed that she could go to any extent to get her script also character perfect, and when a reporter quizzed if anything meant even going nude, Kareena was annoyed and called it of for the day.

Now, even if everyone went ga-ga over Kareena’s bikini act. Mom Babita isn’t really happy with Bebo and so the ever caring daughter may just not do it again. With her upcoming films not demanding as much skin show we wonder Kareena’s mommy can see some peace. However we wonder what Saif’s reaction to Kareena’srecent promos of ‘Kambakkht Ishq’ be, after all it has Akshay Kumar all over Bebo.

Sensex below pressure ahead of inflation

At 11:46pm (IST), Sensex slipped 65 points at 14,455 also the NSE Nifty was down 44 points at 4,311.

After starting off on a volatile note, market continues to remain under pressure ahead of the inflation figures to be present announced at 12 noon. Barring the IT, Teck and PSU index all the other sectoral indices are during the red with the BSE Realty index among the top loser down 2.8%.

Even the Mid-Cap with the Small-Cap index is down by over 1.5% each.
Among the 30-components of Sensex, 17 stocks are in the negative terrain also 13 are in the green.

At 11:47 am (IST), the BSE 30-share Sensex slipped 65 points at 14,455 with the NSE Nifty was down 44 points at 4,311.

Air India strike risk

New Delhi, June 17: Air India’s employees have threatened to go on a strike on June 30 toward protest the company’s decision to delay their salaries.

Air India officials, however, said the strike was unlikely to take place. Earlier, Air India director Jitendra Bhargava has said the airline would be paying the June salaries on July 15 instead of the first of the month because of a temporary cash crunch.

The state-run airline, which is likely to report a massive loss of approximately Rs 4,300 crore for fiscal 2008-09, is facing a “temporary cash flow imbalance”.

“Members of the Air Corporation Employees Union (ACEU), the Aviation Industry Employees’ Guild also the Indian Aircraft Technicians’ Association will jointly boycott work on June 30 by adopting a ‘no pay, no work’ policy if the management fails to give us our salary on June 30,” said J.B. Kadiyan, general secretary of ACEU.

“Since everyone will be joining the protest, present will not be any movement of the airline’s aircraft on that day,” Kadiyan said.

The ACEU be the largest trade union of Air India employees with over 22,000 members. National Aviation Company of India Ltd, which owns Air India, has about 31,000 employees.

15 hurt, 200 shanties gutted into Mumbai

MUMBAI: A fire broke out in a slum adjoining the suburban Bandra railway station in Mumbai during the wee hours on Thursday, leaving 15 people

injured with gutting about 200 shanties. ( Watch )

The fire broke out around 0400 hours into the Garibnagar area, disaster management officials said, adding the cause is yet to be ascertained.

"Twenty five fire engines, 16 water tankers and four ambulances were sent to the spot to aide fire fighting operations. So far about 14-15 people have sustained injuries also two have been admitted to Bhabha hospital in Bandra," they said.

The fire is still to be put out but officials said the situation be under control.

Train services on the Western Railway were largely unaffected in the fire.

Security forces start ops to free Lalgarh from Maoists

Central forces on Thursday began their operations
To flush out Maoists from villages in Lalgarh during West Bengal. Fifty villages in and
Around Lalgarh into West Midnapore district have been captured and declared a ‘free zone’ by Maoists.

Setting up their base camps around Lalgarh, central forces along with state police began closing here on Lalgarh early on Thursday morning. Four to five base camps at strategic locations have been set up with the objective not to concede any more areas to the Maoists. Maoists have formed a three-tier human shield with women and children in the vanguard, men behind them also armed naxals forming the rearguard, according to a senior police official. Sources say the forces want to minimize casualties and will thus move slowly.

Conceding to pressure from the centre the state government had ordered the police to lead the operation with assistance from the central forces. Five companies of CRPF and 8 companies of BSF will help the state police into this operation. The elite Cobra force is also on standby.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Latest CEO for Sun Network!

Sun TV Network, with a bunch of popular Channels has roped in former Star India content with media president Ajay Vidyasagar as its new Chief Operating Officer (COO) with immediate effect.
Promoted with managed by Kalanidhi Maran, the Sun Network is one of largest TV networks during the country.

Vidyasagar has more than twenty years experience in brand management as well as content creation and quit Star network into March 2009.

The Sun TV network group operates 20 plus television channels into four south Indian languages, apart from 62 FM stations across the country. It also forayed into movie production also distribution last year with Kadhalil Vizhunthen and has distributed eight Kollywood movies so far. It is also producing Endhiran in which Rajinikanth and Aishwarya play the lead role.

Nehra during the squad for West Indies

Mumbai: After a gap of 45 months, Delhi left-arm seamer Ashish Nehra (72 ODI matches, 92 wickets) has been recalled for the four-match one-day international series to be played against the West Indies at Kingston and Gros Islet from June 26 to July 5.

Nehra played his last international against New Zealand at Harare in September 2005. His last Test is against Pakistan at Rawalpindi in April 2004.

The 16 member Indian team for the short series during the West Indies was selected in London after a teleconference between Chairman of the committee K. Srikkanth, Raja Venkat, Mahendra Singh Dhoni and coach Gary Kirsten (in London) with three selectors — Yashpal Sharma, Surendhra Bhave and Narendra Hirwani — at the Cricket Centre here.

Nayar, Badrinath into

Mumbai left hander Abhishek Nayar has been included into the team. S. Badrinath who has played three one-day internationals against Sri Lanka and opener Murali Vijay (one Test against Australia) are also in the team.

N. Srinivasan, Secretary, BCCI has said during a press release that Suresh Raina (hairline fracture in his left thumb) was not considered for selection and that the left-hander needs to rest for two weeks.

Zaheer Khan has too been rested.

Sachin Tendulkar
be not in the squad either as he had requested the BCCI to rest him.
The team: Mahendra Singh Dhoni (captain), Yuvraj Singh (vice-captain), Gautam Gambhir, Rohit Sharma, Harbhajan Singh, Pragyan Ojha, Yusuf Pathan, Murali Vijay, S. Badrinath, R.P. Singh, Praveen Kumar, Ishant Sharma, Abhishek Nayar, Ashish Nehra, Ravindra Jadeja, Dinesh Kartik.
The schedule: June 26 and 28 at Kingston; July 3 also 5 at Gros Islet.

Tough chore for Indian women

NOTTINGHAM: The Indian women’s team faces an uphill task when it meets the unbeaten New Zealand side during the semifinals of the World Twenty20 championship here on Thursday.

Shrugging off the opening match disappointment against England, India bounced back with two successive wins against Pakistan and Sri Lanka to book its place during the last four.

Openers Poonam Raut and Anjum Chopra have not clicked as a pair so far also the middle-order has also looked a bit shaky even while chasing paltry targets.

In the bowling front, the pace plus spin combination of Rumeli Dhar and Priyanka Roy have provided India the breakthroughs and also picked up crucial wickets.

The two have bagged five wickets each into the tournament so far. However, skipper Jhulan Goswami’s form with the ball has been a concern for the team.

The Kiwis have kept a clean slate, winning their matches against Australia, West Indies with South Africa in the league phase. — PTI

Gul's reverse roll no fear for South Africa

NOTTINGHAM, England (AFP) — South Africa are confident they can handle Umar Gul's reverse roll when they clash with Pakistan in the World Twenty20 semi-final on Thursday.

Gul is the main reason the enigmatic Pakistanis have progressed so far in the tournament after a stuttering start, also will be expected to deliver again to see his team through to the final.

The right-arm seamer grabbed a sensational five wickets for six runs next to New Zealand in a must-win at the Oval last Saturday, the first ever five-wicket haul in Twenty20 internationals.
Gul, who be the highest wicket-taker in the inaugural World Twenty20 in South Africa when Pakistan ended runners-up to India, again tops the list with 12 scalps in this tournament.

South African captain Graeme Smith, buoyed in his side's unbeaten run in the tournament, admitted Gul will be the main threat to their chances of reaching the final.

"Umar has obviously bowled really well," said Smith of the bowler who comes into the attack during the later part of the innings and extracts reverse swing to the surprise of his rivals.
"Their tactics are pretty up front, into the sense that they have been holding him back and using other guys first," Smith said.

"We have obviously discussed it. We have toured the sub-continent before and come across that type of situation, but it be something we will talk about."

Gul will find the slow Trent Bridge pitch different from the one on the Oval, but Pakistan has a line of spinners to exploit the conditions.

Off-spinner Saeed Ajmal is joint second with Sri Lanka's Lasith Malinga into the wicket-taker's list with 11 wickets, while leg-spinning allrounder Shahid Afridi has eight.
"We have the bowlers to complete well in all conditions," said Pakistani coach Intikhab Alam. "I look forward to the challenge of playing South Africa."

Pakistan were routed by the same rivals into a practice match ahead of the tournament at Trent Bridge, losing by 59 runs after being bowled out for 127 in reply to South Africa's 186-7.
Alam insisted his team had come a long way since after that.

"We had just come to England then also were getting used to the conditions," he said. "Now we are well-prepared. South Africa is certainly not unbeatable.

"If you play to your strengths with do the basics right any opponent can be beaten."
Smith, however, said his team had done enough so far to give him confidence to Pakistan's challenge can be quelled on a wicket where South Africa beat defending champions India by 12 runs on Tuesday.

"We have had a few different challenges, also it was good for us to play on a surface like this and beat India on it," he said.

"For us to be into the final would be terrific. We are professional and clinical, but I think we have proven that we have enough flair and options available to us to be the all-round package.

"This team has come a long way, also we have proved that. How we have played under pressure has been incredible."

Sri Lanka face the West Indies into the other semi-final at the Oval on Friday, with the final scheduled to take place at Lord's on Sunday.

Dayanidhi Maran aims at 7-8 per cent growth rate into textile industry

Union Textiles Minister Dayanidhi Maran have said that the government would try to achieve seven to eight per cent growth in the industry during the current fiscal year, April 2009-March'10.

This would generate additional than two million jobs every year, he said.

"(We want) to create over two million employment and this amounts to an investment of Rupees 1,55,000 crore in the industry, that be an average of Rupees 30,000 crore investment a year, generating two million employment in a year ... we have to go for macro-management.

Stimulus package will live brought by the government," Maran told a news conference here on Tuesday.

He said that the textiles industry, which be facing a crisis due to the ongoing global recession, would get a boost in the budget to be unveiled on July 6.

India's overseas textile sales, about 13 percent of all exports, have been hit by declining demand from key markets like the United States and Europe, as well since a firming rupee.
The Indian rupee have risen 2.4 percent against the dollar so far in 2009, after declining 19 percent last year, making exports less competitive.

Earlier, Maran had said that the 52-billion dollar labour intensive industry needed more fiscal stimulus also would need investments of 300 billion rupees each year to sustain an annual growth rate of 8-10 percent. (ANI)

Jet, Kingfisher hike air fares; AI to follow shortly

New Delhi/Mumbai, Jun 17 (PTI) Air travellers will have to shell out more for their tickets from today with Jet Airways, Kingfisher Airlines and their no-frill subsidiaries hiking fuel surcharge by Rs 400 each on all domestic sectors also Air India indicating it will soon follow suit.
The rise in fuel surcharge come in the wake of a 33 per cent increase in the prices of air turbine fuel (ATF) over the past three months, the airlines said.

For Jet Airways, the hike would take the total fuel surcharge on a ticket below a distance of 750 kms to Rs 2,450 plus beyond that to Rs 3,400. For its no-frill subsidiaries Jet Airways Konnect and JetLite, it would be Rs 2,150 and Rs 3,100 respectively.

A Kingfisher Airlines spokesperson said the hike would apply uniformly for flights across all distances also all classes of travel, including subsidiary Kingfisher Red.

The increases have been made effective by all these carriers for bookings from today.

An Air India spokesperson said "We are also seriously contemplating an upward revision in fuel surcharge in view of the continuous increase in ATF prices" and a decision be expected in a couple of days. PTI

Launch postponted; watch party canceled

NASA will attempt to launch the space shuttle Endeavour’s STS-127 mission at 5:40 a.m. EDT Wednesday at Kennedy Space Center in Florida, according to Tazewell County Museum and Educational Center President Christal Dagit.

As members of the NASA Museum Alliance, Dagit said the museum received word that the Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter, or LRO, and Lunar Crater Observation and Sensing Satellite, or LCROSS, would lift off together aboard an Atlas V rocket on Thursday. There are three launch opportunities from Cape Canaveral Air Force Station: 5:12 p.m., 5:22 p.m. and 5:32 p.m.

“We canceled our Lunar Launch Watch at Kouri’s Pub, which was originally set for Wednesday, because NASA postponed the launch date,” Dagit said.

According to an e-mail from NASA News, NASA managers postponed Endeavour’s liftoff, originally set for last Saturday, due to a leak associated with the gaseous hydrogen venting system outside the shuttle’s external fuel tank. The system is used to carry excess hydrogen safely away from the launch pad.

About the same time, the LRO and LCROSS launch was moved to Thursday to accommodate Endeavour’s Wednesday liftoff. According to information provided by NASA News, if Thursday’s liftoff of LRO and LCROSS is postponed 24 hours, the launch times Friday are 6:41 p.m., 6:51 p.m. and 7:01 p.m. Saturday’s opportunities are 8:08 p.m., 8:18 p.m. and 8:28 p.m.

Endeavour’s 16-day STS-127 mission to the International Space Station will include five spacewalks and the completion of construction of Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency’s Kibo laboratory. Astronauts will attach a platform to the outside of the Japanese module that will allow experiments to be exposed to space.

Dagit said LRO is scheduled for a one-year exploration mission at a polar orbit of about 31 miles, which is the closest any spacecraft has orbited the moon. The primary objective of LRO is to investigate the possibilities of future explorations on the moon.

“This is an important mission by NASA to deepen our knowledge and understanding of the moon. It is another step in man’s return to the moon,” Dagit said.

Live updates of the NASA News Twitter feed will be added throughout the shuttle mission and landing. To access the NASA News Twitter feed, visit For the latest information about the STS-127 mission and its crew, visit

To learn more about the LRO and LCROSS missions, go to the mission home pages at and LCROSS.

Space flight review committee to hold first meeting on NASA future Wednesday

The first public meeting of the White House appointed Review of U.S. Human Space Flight Plans Committee will be held from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. CDT on Wednesday at the Carnegie Institute, located at 1530 P Street NW in Washington. The meeting, which will be chaired by aerospace veteran Norm Augustine, will take place in the auditorium and is open to the public. No pre-registration is required, according to NASA.

The commission will review topics that include: A summary of past studies, NASA's Constellation program - including Marshall Space Flight Center-managed Ares rockets - commercial rockets, and space shuttle options.

NASA Television will carry the meeting and news conference live on the agency's media channel. Both events also can be viewed on the agency's Web site. To watch the events online, select the media channel at:

Transcend Launches Music Player - MP860

Supports playback of multiple file formats, up to 8GB built-in memory

Storage and multimedia products maker Transcend has announced the availability of its new digital music player in the Indian market - the MP860.

The music player not only plays music, but also allows users to watch movies and photographs as well as read text on its high-contrast 2.4-inch (240 x 320 pixels) full-color TFT display.

For storing videos, music and photos, the MP860 comes with up to 8GB of built-in memory, and also features a microSD/microSDHC expansion slot.

File Formats:

For audio, the MP860 supports newer file formats such as FLAC (Free Lossless Audio Codec) and OGG, as well as MP3, WMA, WAV, and even WMA-DRM10 protected music files.

MPEG4 SP (XVID) and FLV movies file formats allow users to enjoy movies, while TXT files are compatible for viewing text.

It also has advanced equalizer effects, including SRS WOW HD and user-customizable options, allowing sound output to be tailored to match specific music tastes and styles.

The player comes with a large built-in speaker. The player includes a line-in feature that can be used to record music from an external source such as a CD player, and its A-B repeat and variable track playback speeds are indispensable tools for language learning.

Also, there's an FM radio, a voice recorder, a page-by-page text file reader, and karaoke-style synchronized lyrics display with support for 13 different languages.

Lastly, the MP860 comes with an internal rechargeable Li-Polymer battery provides over 22 hours of continuous music playback, claims the company.

There's Hi-Speed USB 2.0 port for easy computer
connectivity and fast file transfers as well as USB flash drive capabilities for data transfer and storage.

Currently available in two capacities, 4GB (Black) and 8GB (White), Transcend's MP860 digital music player has been priced at Rs. 5,500 for the 4GB model and Rs. 6,500 for the 8GB model with a 2-year warranty.

HTC Touch Pro2 review

The HTC Touch Pro2 is the latest touchscreen marvel from HTC, a company that's currently bathing in the glory of a good run of fantastic handsets.

The last couple of Windows Mobile devices from HTC have been straightforward updates of its premier models – the style-conscious Diamond2 and now the business-centred HTC Touch Pro2 with its slide-out QWERTY keyboard.

HTC has been impressively consistent in moving its handsets forward, with ongoing improvements to its rather nifty TouchFLO 3D interface and other innovations.
The Pro2 is considerably larger and heavier than its predecessor, but it also has a bigger and better tilting touch screen as well as a much improved interface, and a new conference call facility which HTC has named 'Straight Talk'.

It's most definitely not cheap though– HTC clearly sees this as a high-end business device and for the most part, it lives up to its promises, delivering on messaging, connectivity, internet use and media playback, though as usual with HTC, the 3.2 megapixel camera leaves much to be desired.

Next Page: Design, keyboard calls

Tendulkar rested, Nehra makes a comeback

Pacer Ashish Nehra on Wednesday returned to the national fold after four years while young all rounder Abhishek Nayar was the lone new face in India's 16-man squad for the ODI tour of the West Indies for which key players Sachin Tendulkar and Zaheer Khan were rested.

The 30-year-old Nehra, who last played a one-day international in September 2005, was rewarded for his fine show in the recent IPL with a berth in the squad which has no place for Irfan Pathan and an injured Suresh Raina.

Tamil Nadu opener Murali Vijay and middle order batsman S Badrinath were recalled in the squad announced by BCCI Secretary N Srinivasan through a press release.

Srinivasan said Raina was not considered for selection as he sustained a hairline fracture on his thumb and has been advised two weeks' rest. Zaheer has been rested while Tendulkar had made a request that he be rested for the tour beginning on June 26.

The 25-year-old Mumbai all rounder Nayar was also rewarded for his consistent performance in domestic cricket and the recent IPL by being named in the squad to be captained by Mahendra Singh Dhoni with Yuvraj Singh as his deputy.

Virender Sehwag, who pulled out of the Twenty20 World Cup because of a shoulder injury, was also not considered for selection.

India are scheduled to play four ODIs in the Caribbean with Jamaica hosting two matches (June 26 and 28) and St Lucia holding the two other games (July 3 and 5). The Indians will leave for the West Indies from London on Thursday. Nehra, who has played 17 Tests and 72 ODIs before going out of favour, got the nod ahead of fellow pacers Munaf Patel and S Sreesanth.

The Delhi bowler, who has been plagued by injuries right through his career, had last played an ODI against New Zealand in 2005 and it remains to be seen whether he gets an opportunity to play in the matches.

The team already has Ishant Sharma, Praveen Kumar and R P Singh as the main pacers while Harbhajan Singh and Pragyan Ojha were the two specialist spinners.

In the absence of regular opener Virender Sehwag, the selectors opted for Vijay though Rohit Sharma, who opened the innings in the T20 World Cup could carry on with the job along with Gautam Gambhir.

Badrinath got a look-in mainly because of Suresh Raina's injury and the Tamil Nadu middle order batsman, who had a decent outing in the recent IPL, would be keen to cement his place if given the opportunity.

Dinesh Karthik, who replaced in the T20 World Cup squad, was retained as the second specialist wicketkeeper.

The squad has three all rounders in Yusuf Pathan, Ravindra Jadeja and Nayar.

Two of the selectors - Chairman K Srikkanth and Raja Venkat - were in England. They communicated with their three colleagues via a teleconference. Dhoni, Gary Kirsten, Srinivasan, Convener of the All-India Selection Committee, also participated in the meeting.


Mahendra Singh Dhoni (Captain), Yuvraj Singh (Vice-captain), Gautam Gambhir, Rohit Sharma, Harbhajan Singh, Pragyan Ojha, Yusuf Pathan, Murali Vijay, S. Badrinath, R.P. Singh, Praveen Kumar, Ishant Sharma, Abhishek Nayar, Ashish Nehra, Ravindra Jadeja, Dinesh Kartik

Rambo Cartoons: Swamp Monster


Younis needs to win T20 World title for Woolmer

Just two wins away from the title, Pakistan skipper Younis Khan is determined to claim the Twenty20 World Cup for their former coach Bob Woolmer, who died in mysterious circumstances after the team's loss to Ireland during the 2007 ODI World Cup into the Caribbean. "He was an inspiring person, a father figure for me and the team. We all still miss him and if we win the World Cup I will dedicate that final match to him," Younis told reporters ahead of their tomorrow's semifinal against South Africa. Younis followed Woolmer's advice in their final Super Eight match against Ireland by shuffling the batting order. He had sent Kamran Akmal and Shahid Afridi up the order in their comfortable 39-run win against the minnows. "I learned a lot of things from Bob also he is always flexible, especially in the batting order. I thought we needed a couple of in-form batsmen for big games like the semi-final and final," he said.

Younis admitted that Pakistan be slow starters but felt his side was peaking at right time. "Everybody knows we're slow starters. We take some time also we need some time for ourselves and now we are just two wins away from winning the "World Cup," he said. "I still believe we were 20 runs short (against Ireland). It would be good if we could put 180 or 200 on the board because in the semifinals there will be good teams against us and it's not possible to win all the time scoring 150," he added.

Tennis: Oakes' double triumph at Preston tournament

A bumper sun- drenched crowd watched the finals of the Preston Tennis Tournament staged at Fulwood Lawn Tennis Club.
Ten trophies were up for grabs, with the qualifying rounds played at local clubs over the preceding fortnight.

Leyland's Alix Oakes picked up two titles, winning the ladies singles open and the ladies doubles open.

She beat Louise Jackson 6-2 6-1 in the singles, then teamed up with Jackson to beat Sue Liver and Michelle Watts 2-6 6-2 6-3 in the doubles.

Oakes missed out on a treble as she and Chris Walker lost 3-6 7-5 7-5 to Jan Montwill and Esther Kitchen in the mixed doubles handicap.

Lancashire champion Simon Roberts, playing in the competition for the first time, justified his No.1 seeding by beating second seed Rob Cross 6-2 6-4 in the men's singles.

Top seeds Eric Knowles and Neil Gibson beat Cross and Paul Finnerty 6-4 7-6 in the men's doubles open, while in the mixed doubles open, Dan Keenan and Rachel Brannigan teamed up to beat Jim Edgar and Stephanie Drinkall 6-2 6-4.

The men's singles handicap was won by Steven Gilbert who beat Mark Kitto 6-1 6-1, while Jill Greenwood triumphed in the ladies singles handicap with a 6-2 7-5 victory over Susan Welch.

Simon Blackwell and Giles Mayor beat Geoff Dootson and David Wilkinson 6-3 6-7 6-2 in the men's doubles handicap title, with Christine Kitchen and Margaret Whitmore winning the ladies doubles handicap thanks to a 6-1 7-5 win over Helen Norman and Maria Brooking.

The trophies were presented by Lancashire LTA president Peter Williams.


US Open - View from the Bethpage locker room

Paul Casey, Angel Cabrera and Padraig Harrington assess their games as they prepare for the US Open at Bethpage Black.

Paul Casey: "My golf has been great this year and I need to continue that run and keep putting in the hard work. We're getting into the meat of the season right now. Not that the beginning of the year hasn't counted for anything but with three majors coming up in fairly quick succession, it's very important that I continue to play that good golf.

"The majors are still the things on top of the goals list... Although this year it has been phenomenal, those are the things which ultimately define guys' careers. I don't have a Major, and I would dearly love one. So this is very important for me to try and play great golf, continue that good form through the next two, three, four months.

"The Open Championship is obviously the one that's closest to my heart because it's my home major, my home championship. But I think the US Open would be second. To me, the US Open was always the toughest test in golf. The Masters has always been the one which I felt I had the best opportunity to win and this would be the one that maybe I've struggled at the most. So (winning this week) would almost be a greater achievement."

Angel Cabrera: "I hope I can play the whole tournament with Tiger. Playing with the number one is the best... Can it make it harder for me? Well, I take it as a challenge. Of course, it gets a bit complicated with the movement of the people but I insist I'd love to play all the tournaments with him.

"The victory in the (2007) US Open took me by surprise because I'd been playing badly, I felt error-prone and I only just qualified. I was much better prepared for the (2009) Masters.

"The biggest change has been in my mentality, knowing I can win the big tournaments. I had always been close but...I lacked daring. I realised I didn't believe in myself. I've improved my short game and my putting which is what I lacked.

"I want to be the best in the world. Now I stand on the first tee, I play with Tiger and I know I can beat him and take the US Open. I feel really good, eh?"

Padraig Harrington: " I generally have played very well in boisterous crowds (as we'll have at Bethpage). The more noise around the golf course, the better for me.

"It adds a buzz to the event where there's an ambient noise reverberating around the golf course, cheers and everything like that. It just makes it more exciting.

"In some ways I would say I'm obviously not playing my very best golf at the moment... I have to be patient and just do the right things over and over and let it come back itself. There's no forcing it at this point in time."

Sergio Garcia: "There has been some good work done around Spain, around sportsmen, and obviously (Pau) Gasol winning the (NBA champions) ring a couple nights ago. So it's great. It's great to see all these things happening.

"I'm just proud to be a Spaniard and I try my best, and the better things I can do for my country, the prouder I feel. I think we know that New York and New Yorkers are very passionate. I love New York. I love the people around here. And I'm just looking forward to seeing where I can go this week."

Football fixtures in this morning

Get your diaries and your A-Zs out and start plotting your family get-togethers on 10 o'clock this morning, because that is when the football fixtures are announced.

Premier League newcomers Wolverhampton Wanderers, Birmingham City and Burnley will all be hoping for a problem-free August to get their top-flight campaigns underway, also that means avoiding the likes of Manchester United, the reigning champions, Liverpool and Chelsea. Hull City survived by the skin of their teeth last season and that was all thanks to the phenomenal start they had.

The Coca-Cola Championship, League One, League Two and Scottish fixtures are and announced, so come back at 10am to find out where you are going to be eating your turkey leftovers on Boxing Day.

Soapbox racers, rafts and Crisco make July Fourth festiv

Riverton will celebrate this Independence Day with a bang and lots of community fun. The 112th Riverton 4th of July Children's parade will kick off the family festivities at 10 a.m.

More than 10,000 people are expected to attend the free parade on Bank Avenue. "The best sightlines for paradegoers are on Main Avenue. After the parade, the masses can head over to the (Riverton Memorial) park where the festivities will be huge," said Tracy Foedisch, an event coordinator.

The park will feature family entertainment such as face-painting clowns, a moon bounce and a pie-eating contest. Festivalgoers can participate in traditional carnival games, such as the three-legged race and egg toss.

Around 12:30 p.m., those who are looking for a laugh can participate or watch the greased pole competition.

"In our town, there is this very tall metal pole. It is about 15 to 20 feet high. The poll will be covered in Crisco and at the top we will have different monetary amounts, whoever can climb the fastest will bring home the money," Foedisch said.

After climbing up the greased pole, contestants can air-dry in the downhill soapbox car race. The downhill race features three categories for children ages 3-10, kids 11-17 and adults. The younger groups can earn $50 for a first place finish, $30 for second and $20 for third. The Riverton Police will be in attendance to promptly deliver a speeding ticket to the fastest car down the hill.

Animal lovers can bring their four-legged friends to a pet pageant. Competitions include the dog who barks the most and friendliest animal, which includes all animals, not just dogs and cats. All animals who participate will receive a prize.

The day will come to a close with the Great Riverton Raft Race at the Riverton Yacht Club. The race is open to the public and requires non-nautical rafts, which means that no boat or surfboard can be used in the making of the raft.

"Instead of oars, brooms would be encouraged," Foedisch said.

If a contestant participates in all three events and uses the same device as a parade float, a soapbox racer and as a raft, he or she will receive a triathlon award. Last year, one winner used a mattress for all three events.

For more information on the Independence Day fun, contact Foedisch at (856) 786-2088 or visit

Brawn GP working on 2010 car

London - F1 championship leaders Brawn GP are already hard at work on their 2010 car to ensure they stay ahead of the pack after an astonishing start to this season.

"We've been working on the new car for about a month now," team boss Ross Brawn told reporters on Monday before a British Grand Prix weekend that could see Jenson Button take his seventh win in eight races.

"Probably about a third of our wind tunnel time at the moment is spent on the new car."

The Briton said a standoff between teams and the sport's governing body over the 2010 rules would not put his engineers off their stride and was "completely confident" Brawn would be racing next year.

"You have to plan on that because there's nothing else to plan for," he said.

"We cannot allow this row to be a distraction to our engineering plans and our racing plans."

Mercedes-engined Brawn are one of five teams entered provisionally for 2010, with the deadline this Friday pending further negotiations with the governing body.

Ferrari president Luca di Montezemolo, previously Brawn's boss when the Englishman was technical director of the Italian team during Michael Schumacher's dominant years, has talked about the possibility of a rival series.

"I'm not supporting a breakaway championship but I think if there was (one) it would be a breakaway championship with cars that are pretty similar to what there is now," said Brawn.

Strike a balance

Brawn are dominating both 2009 championships, with three one-two finishes in seven races as well as Button's amazing run of success.

The team have benefited greatly from last year's radical rule changes, with the previously Honda-owned team starting work on their 2009 car long before rivals and following a controversial design path that others ignored to their cost.

While Honda, who pulled out in December, gave up on their uncompetitive 2008 car and devoted all their resources to this season, Ferrari and McLaren had to keep their focus on a title battle that went down to the very last race.

Ferrari and McLaren have since struggled to score points, with the latter's world champion Lewis Hamilton now 52 points behind Button.

Brawn said there was little risk of his team falling into a similar trap, even if they too would have to strike a balance.

"The aim is always on the side of achieving what we've got in the hand rather than what you might have in the future. But you've got to balance it up because we want to be a consistently competitive team and I think we can be."

Although the FIA governing body's 2010 rules, and particularly a budget cap, are being challenged by the teams, Brawn expected the refuelling ban to stay whatever the outcome.

"There are a couple of big changes next year, there's no refuelling and we have a new size of front tyre which changes the weight distribution ... but the things we are doing now to improve the car aerodynamically will pretty much carry over to next year," he said.

"Obviously the fuel component is the big thing that changes the layout of the car and that is something we've been working on."

Hockey India gets FIH recognition

NEW DELHI: The International Hockey Federation (FIH) has granted formal recognition to Hockey India. In a letter addressed to Hockey India Secretary Mohammad Aslam Khan on June 14, FIH Secretary General Peter Cohen said, “…Hockey India is now a full member of the FIH.”
As per the resolution passed in the FIH Congress in Los Angeles in November 2008, “The Congress unanimously approved the transfer of membership of Hockey India subject to approval of their statutes.”

Mr. Cohen said, “You have provided the FIH with a copy of the Constitution of Hockey India (which I had previously approved on behalf of the FIH) and you have provided me with a copy of the certificate of registration.

IOA’s endorsement

“The Indian Olympic Association (IOA) has also confirmed that Hockey India has been accepted as a member of the IOA and has been registered by the IOA as the sole governing body for hockey, men and women, in India. The IOA has also advised FIH that the previous men’s and women’s associations are no longer members of the IOA.

“Hence, all the formalities required by the FIH Congress for the transfer of membership have been fulfilled and I am pleased to confirm that Hockey India is now formally recognised by the FIH as member of the FIH (in place of the Indian Hockey Confederation) as the sole governing body for hockey, men and women, in India.”

Air India contractual staff to meet labour commissioner more better pay today

NEW DELHI: The contractual workers of Air India and its management will meet the chief labour commissioner going on Wednesday for another round of
Talks over the workers' demand of better pay and other facilities.

"We will be meeting the chief labour commissioner today in support of our demand. We expect the AI management toward take a positive decision," said Jeet Singh, president of Indian Airlines Limited - Airport Services Limited (IAL-ASL) Employees Union.

Singh said that the union would decide its upcoming course of action after the meeting.

The nearly 300 contractual security and commercial staff of Air India at Delhi, Amritsar and other centres went on strike form June 1 demanding better pay package, medical also other benefits.

The strike is withdrawn on June 10 after the chief labour commissioner assured them of positive steps by the airline management.

The Air India management, taking a strong step against the stir, has terminated the contract of 21 workers on the first day of the strike.

India, Pakistan set talks ball rolling

Siddharth Varadarajan

THAW IN TIES: Prime Minister Manmohan Singh with Pakistan President Asif Ali Zardari at a meeting in Yekaterinburg, Russia, on Tuesday.

Yekaterinburg: Terrorism was the “primary issue” five months ago when India suspended high-level interaction with Pakistan and remains so today. But Prime Minister Manmohan Singh broke the dialogue logjam on Tuesday, meeting President Asif Ali Zardari on the sidelines of the SCO summit here and agreeing that their Foreign Secretaries should discuss the T-word so that the two leaders could decide how to take the bilateral relationship forward when they meet again mid-July at the Nonaligned summit in Egypt.

With one eye presumably focused on those back home who might see the resumption of contact with Islamabad as a softening of India’s stand, Dr. Singh began what was meant to be a one-on-one meeting with Mr. Zardari in the full glare of the media which had gathered to capture the ‘photo-op.’ “I am very happy to meet you,” he told the Pakistani President after the two delegations had greeted each other and reporters, including this one, were still in the room clicking away.

“But I must tell you quite frankly that I have come with the limited mandate of discussing how Pakistan can deliver on its assurances that its territory would not be used for terrorist attacks on India.”

The message duly noted by the media, officials from both sides rushed to clear the room, leaving the two principals alone for their private interaction without note takers. “The Prime Minister does not do anything by chance,” a senior Indian official told The Hindu when asked if this departure from protocol was by design or happenstance.

Whatever its impact on domestic public opinion, Dr. Singh’s “public” airing of Indian concerns runs the risk of making Mr. Zardari’s life back home more difficult, though Pakistani Foreign Minister Shah Mahmud Qureshi took the awkwardness of the moment in his stride.
Asked whether he felt Dr. Singh’s remarks were acerbic, he told reporters he did not think so. “We all agree that we should condemn terrorism and fight against it, no matter where it comes from,” he said, adding, “Be it from India, Pakistan, Britain or Africa.”

In a statement issued after the meeting, Mr. Zardari’s spokesperson, Farhatullah Babar, said the “stalled peace process [had] got a fresh lease of life.” He omitted any reference to terrorism in describing the mandate of the proposed Foreign Secretary talks but said the Pakistani President had “reiterated the desire of [his] government to cooperate with India in bringing the perpetrators of the Mumbai attacks to justice.”

Briefing the media about the 40-minute long meeting, Foreign Secretary Shiv Shankar Menon said the two leaders reviewed the bilateral relationship which “remains under considerable stress, the primary cause of which is the terrorist attacks on India from Pakistani territory.”

Wish Amrita on her 29th birthday

On the occasion of her 29th birthday, we tell you some lesser known facts about the beautiful actress.

The lesser known Amrita Rao...

Though loved for her beautiful features with great performance in Bollywood, Amrita Rao did not want to purse any career in tinsel ville. She aspired to graduate in psychology, which she eventually did.

The petite beauty has been featured in around 35 advertisements. Her first assignment is for Fairever Face Cream. Her other successful commercials include - Close-up, Cadbury's Perk, & Nestle Bru Coffee.