Monday, June 22, 2009

Saif's highway trip for love!

Actor-turned-producer Saif Ali Khan recently hit the streets of San Francisco just before find a girl for himself. Relax, things are just fine between him also Bebo -- this was for his forthcoming venture Love Aaj Kal since the girls selected by the casting agent into the US were shot down by director Imtiaz Ali.

Explains Imtiaz, "We had gone to the US to do a recce of the location twice also we got everything in place except for the blonde American-looking girl who would play an important person in Saif's life into the movie. It was an easy cast as everyone thought getting a blonde girl would be a no-brainer. The casting director there showed me many pictures but I somehow did not like anyone. We were very tense since we just had three days left to find someone, train her and shoot with her."

At this crucial juncture, Saif and Imtiaz thought of holding on the highway auditions.
"Still we were not getting anybody...till the last night before we were supposed to shoot when a person from the crew spotted a girl outside a nightclub also called me. Her name was Luna Livinsky and she was a 23-year-old born to hippie parents. I loved her and she is open to work with us. Saif too gave the nod and we shot with her the very next day. She has done a good job into the film given the short notice period."