Tuesday, November 3, 2009

**SPOILERS** WWE SD! Results For This Friday


Undertaker opened the show. He cut a promo about Survivor Series. Chris Jericho came out and stated how finally after 10 years they were crossing paths. They got face to face and then it got physical with Taker getting the upper hand. A strong opener for the show!

The Rey Mysteiro and Batista video package was shown again.

1. Dolph Ziggler and The Hart Dynasty over John Morrison and Cryme Time. Ziggler hit his finisher on Shad for the win. Morrison appeared to injure his ribs during the very early part of the match and tagged out quickly.

Josh Matthews conducted a sit down interview with Rey Mysterio. He spoke about Batista turning his back on him and vowed that Batista will see a side of Rey that he's never seen before.

2. Beth Phoenix over a local female wrestler in squash match.

3. Drew McIntyre over Jimmy Wang Yang in another squash. Yang took a nasty spill before the bell when he was attacked by McIntyre. He got back up only to be squashed.

Batista did a quick backstage interview with Josh Matthews. When they did a close up of Dave's face you could see his lovely nose stud.

4. Rey Mysterio over Mike Knox. A solid match. Rey won with the 619/Splash combo.

5. R-Truth defeated CM Punk when referee Scott Armstrong gave him a fast count. Afterwards, Punk flipped out and complained to the crowd. He said he was going to file a complaint to the higher-ups.

Backstage with Mickie James, Layla, and Michelle McCool. McCool talked down to James, then gave it back to McCool, and also called Layla "Scary Spice."

A quick Batista/Hardy recap was shown.

A Wrestlemania 26 promo was shown.

Matt Hardy was interviewed by Josh Matthews.

6. Matt Hardy over Batista via DQ. Batista dominated the match, but also received the first boring chants of the night. This was kind of a lackluster way to end the night.

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