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Smackdown news 10-09-09

Once the pyrotechnics had concluded, Jim Ross informed fans that The Undertaker would be present tonight. In one of the matches tonight, Rey Mysterio takes on Chris Jericho while Batista does battle with CM Punk.

Smackdown GM Teddy Long was standing in the ring. He discussed the new champion The Undertaker, who won due to a great performance at the PPV. Long also discussed the upcoming PPV, Bragging Rights, and the John Cena vs Orton match. Long said if Cena loses that match he is more than welcome to join the Smackdown roster again. CM Punk's theme music hit and the former champ came to the ring.

Punk was upset and complained to Long that Smackdown doesn't need John Cena, a Raw wrestler. Punk said the focus should be on him. Punk remindedLong he gets a rematch for the title, then insulted Trenton NJ, calling it a dump. Punk complained that he had to battle Batista tonight. Punk also said he was upset with having to fight just five days after his Hell in a Cell match. Punk requested a re-match with Long at ringside and Scott Armstrong as referee. Punk said he'd let them know when and where that rematch will take place. He was interrupted as Vince McMahon came strutting out next.

Vince discussed how his patience was wearing thin with Long who is still on probation as the GM. Vince said that what Teddy was going to announce wouldn't please Punk or Undertaker, as it is a Fatal Fourway at Bragging Rights for the World Heavyweight Title. Undertaker will defend against Mysterio, Batista and Punk. McMahon then introduced Rey Mysterio for the opening match.

Rey Mysterio vs. Chris Jericho

Early on Mysterio sent Jericho to the outside with a move, then dove onto him with a flying bodypress. Jericho was able to clothesline Rey down, then took control back inside the ring. Smackdown went to commercial after Jericho tossed Rey under the bottom rope, causing him to land outside the ring.

After the break, Jericho was still in control with a rear chinlock. Jericho kicked Rey then hung him over the top rope before dumping him to the outside. Jericho again put Rey on the corner and tried to unmask him with no luck. Mysterio fought back by elbowing Jericho to the mat. Rey then did a springboard crossbody off the ropes for a nearfall. Rey went for a 619, but Jericho caught him. Rey recovered and tried for another springboard move, but Jericho counted to put him in Walls of Jericho. Mysterio escaped, but Jericho tried for the Walls again. This time Rey kicked him against the ropes for the 619, then hit his springboard splash to pick up the win. Rey Mysterio wins via pinfall over Chris Jericho.

The Raw Rebound covered Monday Night Raw hosted by NFL Pittsburgh Steelers QB Ben Roethlisberger. The event was covered on ESPN's Sportscenter and included linesmen from the Steelers, as well as Roethlisberger celebrating in the ring with DX to close the show.

Backstage, Cryme Tyme did their Word Up! segment, with the word of the day "Eve" for "exquisite" and "vivacious". Eve would be in action next against Michelle McCool.

Eve Torres vs. Micelle McCool

Early on the two divas were in the corner, with McCool getting in a cheapshot. Eve responded with forearm shots to McCool. Eve and McCool rolled around on the ring fighting it out. McCool got to her feet with the advantage and did a running knee to Eve's face. Michelle used her knee which had a big knee brace on it, almost as a weapon to keep kneeing Eve. Michelle pulled both Eve's arms back around her neck, but Eve eventually broke free. Eve started hitting one footed dropkicks. Even did a somersault onto Michelle for a two count, then tried a handspring elbow in the corner. Michelle got her foot up. Eve tried for a quick win when she rolled up McCool for a two count. Michelle delivered a huge big boot to Eve to drop her down for the pin. Michelle McCool wins via pinfall over Eve Torres.

Backstage, Vickie Guerrero was with her new wrestler, Eric Escobar in Teddy Long's office. Vickie complained that Eric wasn't in a match tonight, and then said it's unfair that Punk doesn't get a one-on-one rematch. Vickie also suggested that the Fatal Fourway is unfair to the Undertaker, since the odds are against him. Teddy tried to explain that Vince McMahon made the match, then Vickie suggested Teddy was trying to blame Vince. She reminded Teddy he's still on probation, after Escobar kissed her hand and arm.

John Morrison vs. Dolph Ziggler (Intercontinental Title match)

As the bell sounded, Ziggler immediately was able to take down Morrison. Morrison stayed with it though and got to his feet to take down Ziggler with a dropkick. Morrison was able to hit an inverted backbreaker and Russian legsweep. WWE Diva Maria came to ringside to sit with the commentators. Morrison and Ziggler continued their battle with Ziggler hitting a belly-to-belly suplex for a two count. After slamming Morrison down, Ziggler hit him with an elbow drop. After a scoop slam, Ziggler had another pinfall attempt. Ziggler locked as submission hold on. Morrison finally got to his feet and was able to clothesline Ziggler down.

Morrison used a heel kick and a standing shooting starpress for a near fall on Ziggler. He then hit a crossbody, but since they were near the ropes, both men fell to the outside. On the outside, Ziggler wanted to use a steel chair, but decided against it. Back in the ring he dropkicked Morrison down, then went to the outside to retrieve a chair he had put near ringside. Maria had taken the chair to sit in. The distraction allowed Morrison to hit a Flying Chuck kick on Ziggler and take the pin. John Morrison wins via pinfall over Dolph Ziggler to retain the Intercontinental Title.

JR and Todd Grisham reviewed the footage of what just went down in the Dolph Ziggler versus John Morrison IC title match. Ziggler had placed a chair near ringside, with Maria taking it as her seat for the match.

Backstage, Ziggler was angrily walking with Maria trying to get him to talk to her. Ziggler told her he's got a professional and personal life, but she can't seem to separate the two. Maria said they were a team. Ziggler said for his professional life he sees fame and fortune, but for his persona life he doesn't see her. He left Maria behind, apparently breaking up with her.

Also backstage, Rey Mysterio discussed how he hoped Batista didn't blame him for their loss at the PPV. Batista said it wasn't his fault, then mentioned he'd win the title at the next PPV. The duo hugged as a sign of friendship.

Matt Hardy & R-Truth vs. Kane & Drew McIntyre

Early in the match, Kane made a blind tag to McIntyre to come in and boot down R-Truth. Kane started working on Truth over in the corner, then he and McIntyre started a doubleteaming routine to wear down Truth. Truth finally was able to get a drop toe hold to trip Kane down, then made the tag to Matt Hardy. Hardy started going to town on Drew McIntyre, with serious momentum. Matt hit an elbow off the ropes on McIntyre, then did a Side Effect for a near fall. Kane came in to break up Matt's pin attempt, and then R-Truth took Kane to the apron with a dropkick. McIntyre went over to attack Truth. Matt got knocked near Kane who hit him with an uppercut. Drew McIntyre finished Matt off with his double underhook DDT to win it in under 5 minutes. Kane and Drew McIntyre win via pinfall over R-Truth & Matt Hardy.

The new World Heavyweight Champ, The Undertaker made his appearance on Smackdown following his Hell in a Cell victory over CM Punk. This is Taker's 7th reign as champ. Taker proclaimed himself as the new champion, and the crowd went into a frenzy. He discussed how the title is the Holy Grail of everyone who steps into the ring. He mentioned how wayward souls end their journey in his yard, the ring. Taker said three men will tempt fate at Bragging Rights against him, and he will take CM Punk's soul. Taker said Mysterio has heart and tenacity, but he won't get any mercy. He then mentioned Batista, saying his strength and rage won't be enough to save his soul. Taker said Fatal Fourway is appropriate as they would all rest in peace.

Batista vs. CM Punk

Early on Punk threw his shirt right at Batista and left the ring before the bell. Once things were underway, Batista whipped Punk hard to the corner before leveling him with a clothesline. Punk went to ringside to try to recover, then used the ropes to choke Batista in the ring. Punk went for a springboard clothesline but got booted down by Batista. Batista was going to Powerbomb him, but again Punk escaped to ringside as Smackdown went to break.

When Smackdown returned, Batista had control of the match, achieving a suplex for a near fall. He put an ankle lock on Punk, who managed to crawl to the ropes to break it. Punk again went out of the ring, and this time as he rushed back in with Batista chasing, Punk took control. Punk hit an elbow to Batista's head, then used a headscissors on the mat. Batista was able to power out and slammed Punk to the mat. Batista slammed Punk into the corner and then down to the mat with a Spinebuster. Punk was able to recover and got Batista in the corner with a running knee. Batista tried for his Spear, but Punk delivered a kick to his head.

Punk went for another knee in the corner, but Batista dodged it. He hit another spinebuster on Punk, then started to get riled up. Punk escaped the ring once again. Punk tried to crawl under the ring, with Batista grabbing his legs. Batista tried to Powerbomb Punk on the outside, with Punk clutching the ropes. Punk managed to kick Batista away just at 9, and got in the ring to beat the countout.

Unhappy with Punk's victory, Batista gave him a Batista Bomb in the ring to close out Smackdown.

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