Monday, November 9, 2009

Microsoft Online Services Now Available In India At $2 Per User Per Month

With the cloud threatening to take over the computing world Saas based models are gaining momentum. Just a few months back Microsoft had launched online tools for Small and Medium Sized Businesses on a free trial basis. Known as Microsoft Online Services which provided e-mail, collaboration, conferencing and productivity capabilities.

Now it seems to have commercially launched the same service. The service is priced very competitively starting at $2 per user per month. Microsoft has tied up with partners like HCL, Infosys, Wipro to provide value added Services. Within the last 3 months of free trial over 1800 Indian businesses have come on board.

Microsoft Online Services Ready Reckoner

What: E-mail, collaborate, conference, IM facility online on a pay as you go basis

Where to access:

How much it costs: (excluding applicable taxes)

– The standard suite costs $10 /user/month
– Individual offerings are available at:
- $5 per user/month for Exchange Online Sstd
- $5.25 user/month for SharePoint Online
- $2.00 user/month for Office Communications Online Std
- $4.50 user/month for Office Live Meeting
- $2 per user/month for Exchange Online Deskless Worker
- $2 per user/month for SharePoint Online Deskless Worker

The above prices are deifinitely attractive though the challenge for microsoft still remains the rampant piracy thats around for all its products. This piracy is the single largest roadblock in mass adoption of these online services. Nevertheless the pricing is very competitive. Another challenge that microsoft faces the the reliability of online speeds in India to actually use these services. These are roadblocks that unless solved would continue to hurt the growth of Microsoft online services.

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