Monday, November 9, 2009

Live RAW "SPOILERS" This Afternoon, FCW, RAW News, More

SITE NOTE: Tonight's WWE Monday Night RAW will be taped later today from the Sheffield Arena in Hull, Yorkshire in the UK. We will have live RAW spoiler coverage later this afternoon for you United States visitors. Live coverage will begin around 3EST this afternoon. The full spoilers for tonight's show should be on the site by 6EST. We'll do the same thing tomorrow (Tuesday) for the ECW and SmackDown! tapings. Live coverage will begin during the afternoon hours.

On January 26th, 2010, WWE will be releasing a best of RAW 2009 three DVD set. We'll

Harmony Jackson sent this in: Very touching tribute to Adam Firestorm written by Slam Wrestling's Jason Clevett, personal friend of Adam.

Reader Randy Johnson sent this in: FCW updated their roster page. Some of the new wrestlers include:
1. Banderas who is Dos Caras Jr. (unmasked)
2. Lift Sawyer (formally Lift Jackson) who is Aaron Reed
3. Naomi Night who is Trinity McCray
4. Aksana who is Zivile Raudoniene
5. Percy Watson who is Chris McNeil
6. Dino Carter who is Rashard Goff
7. Conrad Tanner is Kyle Rasmussen
8. Jose Ediel who is Joe Gomez (from WXW) There are also two new wrestlers:
9. Big E Langston * Titus O'Neill

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