Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Aamir Khan influenced by Murgadoss!

Aamir Khan has started promoting his new Christmas release 3 Idiots aggressively.

In an interview to a Mumbai tabloid Aamir says: “The most challenging part of playing a 20-something in Raj Kumar Hirani’s 3 Idiots was to work on my physical appearance”.

The actor admits that it was a tough ask for a 40 plus man to look like a 20 year old. He had to work on his mind, body, body language and even his wardrobe single-mindedly.

Aamir confessed that to look like a 20 year old he borrowed the look and wardrobe style of his Ghajini director AR Murgadoss.

Says Aamir: “There is a boy’s look about him and the thin Murgadoss always wears worn-out clothes and T-shirts that are two sizes large”.

He also added that he borrowed a couple of oversized T-shirts from his Ghajini director! Murgadoss has become a style statement and that too endorsed by one of the biggest stars in Indian cinema.

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