Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Salman furious with brother Sohail

Salman Khan’s expectation for ‘Main Aur Mrs Khanna’ was very high and moreover fans never turn him back. But looking at his recent flop, he was heartbroken. His last film ‘Wanted’ fared well at the box office and he was expecting the same result for ‘Main Aur Mrs Khanna’ but things did not turn out to be so. Prem Soni’s directed film had a dull opening at the box office. Salman Khan could not control himself and he burst out his anger to brother Sohail Khan (the producer of the film) and director Prem Soni.

Says an insider, "Last Friday, when Main Aurr Mrs Khanna released and opened to only 10 per cent collections, an infuriated Salman called over his brother Sohail (the film's producer) and director Prem Soni to his home and asked them to explain the reason for the debacle".

The source continues, 'Salman told them that in the promotions, they'd projected him as the main lead, when he was actually in a supporting role and that said that his fans were feeling cheated. Salman has always been very clear about the expectations of his fans and he was hurt that this time his home production had sent out the wrong message."

Soon their discussion turned out to be a major turmoil and at last Salman’s father Sohail Khan had to intervene to stop them.

But Sohail Khan and Prem Soni denied any such tiff with Salman Khan.