Wednesday, October 21, 2009

RAW Color wars

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By: Greg Adkins
October 19, 2009

Color scheme: The red squad from Raw foiled an attack plot hatched by the boys in blue from Team SmackDown just six days before the two factions meet at WWE Bragging Rights.

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. - With just six days remaining until WWE Bragging Rights, the red team of Raw mixed it up with the boys in blue from Team SmackDown to leave more than a few Superstars from each squad feeling a little black-and-blue.

Shawn Michaels vs. Unified Tag Team Champion Chris Jericho ended in a No Contest (PHOTOS | WATCH)
It figures. Unified Tag Team Champion and Team SmackDown co-captain Chris Jericho was supposed to fight against Team Raw co-captain Shawn Michaels in the main event. Jericho, however, wasn’t about to let a perfectly good opportunity to deceive and punish his WWE Bragging Rights rival go to waste.

Having witnessed the Team Raw disarray earlier in the evening, Jericho presumed he could take advantage. As he and HBK stood in the ring, he summoned the rest of his SmackDown crew in the hope of pummeling Michaels. The plan, however, backfired. Rather than intimidate HBK, the scheme actually offered a common purpose to the Raw lineup as they emerged to confront their SmackDown counterparts.

As the two teams verged on combat, SmackDown’s Vickie Guerrero interrupted, insisting that no physicality would occur until Sunday at WWE Bragging Rights. DX didn’t take Vickie’s whining to heart, instead attacking their opponents, which resulted in an all-out brawl between Team Raw and Team SmackDown to end Monday night.

NASCAR’s Kyle Busch and Joey Logano to host the next Raw
Gentlemen, start your hosting duties! Next week, NASCAR drivers Kyle Busch and Joey Logano rev things up when they drive into Buffalo, N.Y., to serve as special guest hosts of Monday Night Raw.

WWE Divas Champion Melina def. Jillian (PHOTOS | WATCH)
Jillian’s brief reign as Divas Champion hit a sour note last week thanks to Melina. Mere moments after the tone deaf Diva upset Mickie James to capture the gold, a Tri-branded Divas Trade was announced and Melina was re-introduced to Raw as its newest beauty. The Latina lovely then proceeded to defeat Jillian and claim the Divas Title as her own.

This week, Jillian sought revenge with the assistance of Chavo Guerrero. The so-called “Mexican Warrior” seemed poised to interfere when Hornswoggle emerged from under the ring sporting a Snoop Dogg outfit and attacked him. This allowed Melina to refocus on the match and defeat her blond rival. Now Melina must shift her focus to this Sunday when she will team with Kelly Kelly & Gail Kim at WWE Bragging Rights to face down Women’s Champion Michelle McCool, Beth Phoenix & Natalya.

In the post-match chaos, a frustrated Chavo appeared bent on retaliation. As he went to attack the little leprechaun, however, the real Snoop Dogg entered. The rapper/actor and Hornswoggle then teamed up to teach Chavo a lesson in humility. Ooooh, Chavo.

United States Champion The Miz def. Marty Jannetty (PHOTOS | WATCH)
After arguing with his WWE Bragging Rights opponent and Intercontinental Champion John Morrison over who is the former tag team’s “Marty Jannetty” – as opposed to the team’s Shawn Michaels – The Miz found himself in the uncomfortable position of having to take on Jannetty himself, compliments of Raw’s special guest host Snoop Dogg.

Jannetty, a former World Tag Team Champion and Intercontinental Champion, forced The Miz, current United States Champion, to give second thought to the notion of Jannetty as punch line. Sadly, though, the lesson was probably lost on the self-centered Superstar, who prevailed in the end.

Triple H def. John Cena (PHOTOS | WATCH)
In what may prove to be his final match on Raw, John Cena went face-to-face with one of the show’s toughest competitors, Triple H. The two powerhouses clashed like a sledgehammer against a cement wall. In the end, though, only one man could prevail. And when the bell finally rang, it was The King of Kings who drove through wall. As Cena rose after his defeat, the WWE Universe offered him a salute befitting a warrior the likes of which may never been seen in Raw’s orbit again.

WWE Champion Randy Orton def. Ted DiBiase (PHOTOS | WATCH)
WWE Champion Randy Orton appeared much more composed after last week getting pinned by one of his own protégés, Ted DiBiase, in a Tag Team Match. DiBiase argued that The Viper would have seized the opportunity just as he had. That line of reasoning, however, fell on deaf ears this week as Orton insisted that DiBiase not fight back as a show of respect. While the young Superstar initially seemed unwilling to voluntarily surrender in the ring, in the end, DiBiase did just that, allowing Orton to RKO him for the victory.

DX arranged Team Raw members in a 10-Man Tag Team Match (PHOTOS | WATCH)
To test their team’s mettle just six days before WWE Bragging Rights, Team Raw co-captains Triple H and Shawn Michaels arranged for Big Show, Mark Henry, Cody Rhodes, Kofi Kingston & Jack Swagger to face MVP, Evan Bourne, Primo, Chavo Guerrero & Chris Masters. The catch? If anyone from Team Raw were to lose, that member would be replaced by the opponent that pinned him before facing Team SmackDown on Sunday.

Unfortunately for Team Raw, their members were too busy squabbling with one another to display any cohesive focus. Before their dissension proved toxic, however, “The All-American American” managed to overcome the internal strife and score a pin for his team. The respite proved brief, though, as the team members began to exchange blows amongst themselves.

Raw guest host Snoop Dogg arranged WWE Champion Randy Orton vs. Ted DiBiase, Shawn Michaels vs. Unified Tag Team Champion Chris Jericho (PHOTOS | WATCH)
Don’t let Snoop Dogg fool you. The rapper/actor has kicked out a trunk full of thick, laid back beats over the years and has played some mellow characters on the big screen, but he was all business in his role as Raw’s special guest host.

Snoop reiterated that John Cena’s battle with Triple H may be his final match on Raw, that is if Cena loses to WWE Champion Randy Orton at WWE Bragging Rights. Wanting to go down as the “greatest guest host of all time,” Snoop also arranged for Orton to face Ted DiBiase, the protégé who pinned The Viper the week prior. For good measure, the rapper/actor set up a bout pitting Team SmackDown co-captain Chris Jericho against Team Raw co-captain Shawn Michaels.