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Relatives of victims of the 2008 Mumbai attack victims on Wednesday welcomed the execution of the lone surviving attacker, Ajmal Kasab, saying justice has been finally delivered. In Varanasi, Sunita Yadav, wife of victim Upendra Yadav, expressed her gratitude to the authorities for carrying out the execution.

Daily Bollywood News:Bipasha Basu - Bollywood will remain a hero-centric business

Women are active in show business like never before, but will they surpass the status Bollywood heroes enjoy? Never, says Bipasha Basu, who feels there is minimum opportunity for female actors in the Hindi film industry

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Saturday, November 28, 2009

Shilpa Shetty: go to US for honeymoon

Shilpa Shetty honeymoon

Newly married Bollywood actor Shilpa Shetty said that she would go for her honeymoon to the United States.

Shetty visited her guru Kalki Bhagavan at Satyavedu, near Tirupati along with her husband Raj Kundra and a few other relatives.

Shetty said she would be leaving for the US on Saturday.

"I don't make any plan, tomorrow night we are leaving for America for honeymoon," said Shetty, who earlier on Friday sought blessings at the Tirupati temple.

Shetty married London-based businessman Raj Kundra in a star-studded glittering ceremony in Khandala on Sunday (November 22).

The couple had met in London soon after Shetty shot to fame as the winner of the British reality show ''Celebrity Big Brother'' in a controversial 2007 season that saw contestant Jade Goody hurl abuse at Shetty, making fun of her name and her Indian origin.

Shetty went on to host ''Big Boss'', the Indian version of Big Brother, and also launched several business ventures, including a yoga video and a series of health spas.

The Bollywood actress said she would not give up her acting career.

"My husband had never ever told me that you don't act. It's not like that I am going to become an actress after marriage," she said.

Shetty, who is known for her exceptional features and stunning figure, made her Bollywood debut in Baazigar in 1993.

Her notable Hindi films included Pardesi Babu, Phir Milenge and Dhadkan. Besides this, she also featured in a number of raunchy dance song numbers.

Azan: Ranbir In Mani Ratnam's

Bollywood chocolate boy Ranbir Kapoor

After the huge success of 'Ajab Prem Ki Ghazab Kahani', Bollywood chocolate boy Ranbir Kapoor be being considered by ace film producers.

Mani Ratnam be one of those considering the actor for his upcoming movie, as he is so impressed by Ranbir's acting talent.

Mani, who is presently busy with 'Raavana', is planning his next venture tentatively titled Azan, which will hit theatres by August 2010.

Azan is a pro-Muslim movie, which is said to be into the writing process.
Nothing is known about the female lead that will be seen romancing opposite Ranbir.
A source said, "After the release of Raavana in May 2010, Mani will start working for Azan. Unlike the films releasing in Bollywood of late, which focuses on either Jehad or Islam, this is a pro- Muslim film which will portray Muslims in a positive light."

"The title of the film be the name of the lead character as he will be born during Azan (The Muslim summons to prayer, called by the muezzin from a minaret of a mosque five times a day)," the source added.

Michael Jackson: Best Dance Moves (A MUST SEE!)

A collection of his best dance moves mixed to Bad and Smooth Criminal

NASA 50th Anniversary Moments

STS-129 HD Landing

From: NASAtelevision | November 27, 2009 | 8,718 views

Space shuttle Atlantis and its crew of seven astronauts ended an 11-day journey of nearly 4.5 million miles with a 9:44 a.m. EST landing Friday at NASA's Kennedy Space Center in Florida.

The mission, designated STS-129, included three spacewalks and the installation of two platforms to the International Space Station's truss, or backbone. The platforms hold large spare parts to sustain station operations after the shuttles are retired. The shuttle crew delivered about 30,000 pounds of replacement parts for systems that provide power to the station, keep it from overheating, and maintain a proper orientation in space. (less info)

STS-129 Post-landing Crew Conference

Commander Charles O. Hobaugh took the lead describing how well Atlantis performed from launch to landing, and the incredible amount of work that went into preparing both the shuttle and the crew for this ambitious mission.

Hobaugh proudly introduced his crew and the tasks each member was responsible for. He mentioned Mission Specialist Randy Bresnik was not present at the briefing because he flew home to be with his wife and new baby girl, born while he was still on orbit.

Nicole Stott is doing really well, said Hobaugh, after her 91 days in space, 80 of them as flight engineer. She's enjoying Thanksgiving dinner with her family.

Mission Specialist Robert L. Satcher Jr. remarked that the training the crew members received helped them deal with the false alarms that went off a few times during their stay on the orbiting outpost.

After being asked if there were any memories that stood out, Pilot Barry E. Wilmore jokingly said, "I feel great (but) I had noticed that many of the buildings here are on a little bit of a teeter-totter that I didn't know before." Wilmore was referring to coming back to Earth's gravity after being weightless in space.

The crew members fly back to NASA's Johnson Space Center in Houston on Saturday. They’ll have the traditional Houston homecoming celebration on Monday.

Space Shuttle Mission: STS-129

Atlantis lands concluding the STS-129 mission
Image above: Space shuttle Atlantis lands on runway 33 at NASA Kennedy Space Center's Shuttle Landing Facility concluding the STS-129 mission. Photo credit: NASA Jack Pfaller
› High-res image

› Meet the STS-129 Crew

Atlantis Lands in Florida
Space shuttle Atlantis and its crew of seven astronauts ended an 11-day journey with a 9:44 a.m. EST landing at NASA's Kennedy Space Center in Florida. Atlantis flew 171 orbits around Earth and traveled 4,490,138 miles since its Nov. 16 launch.

The STS-129 mission included three spacewalks and the installation of two platforms to the International Space Station's truss, or backbone. The platforms hold large spare parts to sustain station operations after the shuttles are retired.

The shuttle crew delivered about 30,000 pounds of replacement parts for systems that provide power to the station, keep it from overheating, and maintain a proper orientation in space. The shuttle left the space station 86 percent complete, weighing 759,222 pounds.

Astronaut Nicole Stott returned to Earth after 91 days in space. She had spent 87 days aboard the space station and 80 days as an Expedition 20/21 flight engineer. She is the last astronaut who will be transported to or from the space station by the space shuttle.

Atlantis' main gear touched down at 9:44:23 a.m., followed by the nose gear at 9:44:36 and wheel stop at 9:45:05 a.m.

STS-129 was the 129th space shuttle mission, the 31st for Atlantis and the 31st shuttle mission to the International Space Station. It was the fifth and final flight of 2009.

Reality Check: Column Ignores Facts about Health Reform

In today's Washington Post, Charles Krauthammer takes great pains to paint a bleak picture of health care reform as "monstrous," "overregulated," and rife with "arbitrary bureaucratic inventions." The columnist's argument may be cogent and well-written, but it is wholly inaccurate.

Krauthammer describes a "better choice" for health reform as having three elements: tort reform, interstate purchasing and taxing employee benefits. All three elements are part of the current effort.

And while Mr. Krauthammer may try to label reform legislation as a package of programs linked only by "political expediency," the legislation actually is designed to take health care off the unsustainable path it is currently on by improving the health of all Americans and reducing costs for families, small businesses and the government. Some examples from the Senate bill:

  • An independent Medicare Commission that would develop and submit proposals to Congress aimed at shoring up the long-term financial health of Medicare, slowing Medicare cost growth that is hurting seniors and the budget, and improving the quality of care delivered to all Medicare beneficiaries. (Section 3403)

  • A program to ensure that uninsured individuals with pre-existing conditions can buy affordable health coverage. (Section 1101)
  • New programs to expand the health care workforce so we can ensure there are more doctors and nurses in this country. (Sections 5102, 5201, 5202, 5203, 5204, 5205, 5206, 5207, 5309, 5310, 5311, 5312)

  • New prevention and wellness programs such as tobacco cessation and programs to combat childhood obesity. (Sections 4001, 4002, 4003 and 4004, 4107, 4306)

On the PERAB Tax Task Force

The President's Economic Recovery Advisory Board released the following statement today:

Statement from PERAB Chairman Paul Volcker on Tax Task Force

The tax subcommittee of the PERAB was scheduled to release its report on December 4th. But we have received more than 500 submissions of serious tax reform ideas from the public both in person and on our website and we had to cut them off to meet the original deadline.

I want us to review as many suggestions as possible and to have sufficient time to fully consider the hundreds of suggestions that have come in already. I have asked the Administration to extend our deadline and to reopen the website for submissions so that we can hear the widest possible range of ideas.

We still have the same specific mandate: to discuss the pros and cons of a spectrum of reform ideas relating to tax simplification, enforcement of existing tax laws and reform the corporate tax system without considering policies that would raise taxes on families making less than $250,000.

The PERAB is not tasked with providing its own policy recommendations for the Administration and the final report will be an almanac of options from a broad range of viewpoints.

We will be reopening the web submission form and extending the deadline for any suggestions in keeping with our mandate (suggestions may also be submitted via email) and will be scheduling more public meetings over the coming weeks. We expect to report back to the Administration after the holidays.

Today in History: November 28

The First American Automobile Race

At 8:55 a.m. on November 28, 1895, six "motocycles" left Chicago's Jackson Park for a 54 mile race to Evanston, Illinois and back through the snow. Number 5, piloted by inventor J. Frank Duryea, won the race in just over 10 hours at an average speed of about 7.3 miles per hour! The winner earned $2,000, the enthusiast who named the horseless vehicles "motocycles" won $500, and the Chicago Times-Herald, sponsor of the race, declared:

Persons who are inclined…to decry the development of the horseless carriage…will be forced…to recognize it as an admitted mechanical achievement, highly adapted to some of the most urgent needs of our civilization.

"The Future of the Motocycle", The Chicago Times-Herald, November 29, 1895.

Jackson Park
Jackson Park, Chicago, Illinois, 1908.
Taking the Long View, 1851-1991

Only two years earlier in Springfield, Massachusetts, brothers Charles and J. Frank Duryea had built and driven what they claimed to be the first American gasoline-powered automobile. Yet, as if by spontaneous combustion, over 70 entries were filed for the Times-Herald race, a response so overwhelming that President Cleveland asked the War Department to oversee the event. Following their victory in the race, the Duryeas manufactured thirteen copies of the Chicago car, and J. Frank Duryea developed the "Stevens-Duryea," an expensive limousine, which remained in production into the 1920s.

Building with two large machines in front
Samuel Holland's Repair Shop, The Only Automobile Manufacturing Plant in North Dakota at that Time, circa 1900.
The Great Northern Plains, 1880-1920

Samuel Holland, born in Norway in 1859, came to Park River, ND in the 1880s and established a blacksmith shop where he also spent time building self-propelled motor vehicles. In 1904, the local newspaper reported he had built an automobile, and may have built as many as eight. One copy of his automobile is known to exist.

There were American antecedents to the Duryeas' winning vehicle. As early as 1826, Samuel Morey filed a patent, bearing the signatures of John Quincy Adams and Henry Clay, for an internal combustion engine. George Brayton, Stephania Reese, Henry Nadig, and Wallis Harris all produced self-propelled machines.

Charles Black developed an 18 horsepower "chug buggy" in 1891—the same year John Lambert developed a three wheel motor buggy. After seeing the 1895 Times-Herald race, Lambert went on to produce four wheel vehicles at his Buckeye Manufacturing plant.

The Stanley twins built a steam-powered vehicle in 1897. The "Stanley Steamer" achieved fame when brother F. E. Stanley did a mile in 2:11 on a dirt track with a 30 degree incline.

George Eastman bought the rights to the Stanleys' earlier photographic patents, supplying the brothers with capital to manufacture 200 standing orders for the Steamer, which eventually became the "Locomobile." By the time Henry Ford incorporated the Ford Motor Company in 1903, the Stanleys' plant already employed 140 workers.

In the interview "Transportation," Arthur Botsford of Thomaston, Connecticut recalled his "first and fastest auto ride" and the earliest automobile makes:

I was hikin' along over towards Terryville to get the trolley and Jack come along and I flagged him. I was late. I says, "Jack, can we make the trolley?," and he says, "'Sure," and how we did fly. We made it all right.

The different cars they used to be. I used to keep a list of 'em. There was the Pope Hartford, and the Stevens Duryea, and the Locomobile, and the Peerless and the National, and the Saxon, and the Metz—I can't remember them all.

Billy Gilbert, that used to live next to me here, he had a Stanley Steamer. He was an engineer. He's out in Californy now. Spent all his life on the railroads and he swore by steam. Wouldn't have a gasoline engine.

After he moved to Californy he wrote me a letter. Said there was a big hill out there beyond San Francisco nine miles long. Said ten tow cars was kept busy on that hill all the time. But that steamer of his just ate it up.

"Transportation," Francis Denovan, interviewer, January 5, 1939.
American Life Histories, 1936-1940

Long view of racing cars
Riemer's Loco, Winning Five-Miles Event in 10:51 4-5, Grosse Pointe Track, Detroit, 1902.
Touring Turn-of-the-Century America, 1880-1920

Long view of a race car
H.S. Harkness in his Mercedes-Simplex, Winning Five-Miles Event in 6:1 3-5, Grosse Pointe Track, Detroit, 1902.
Touring Turn-of-the-Century America, 1880-1920

Like its predecessor horse racing, automobile racing provided the stiff competition which helped to "refine the breed." When the Stanleys brought their 150 horsepower "T. E. (Thoroughly Educated) Wogglebug" to the 1906 winter races at Ormond Beach, Florida, driver Fred Marriott clocked 127.66 mph, becoming the first to move faster than 2 miles per minute.

In 1911 the Indianapolis 500 was born. This famous race fostered the development of innovations such as the rear view mirror. By the time Berna Eli "Barney" Oldfield sped to the top of Pike's Peak in 1915, motor car production was booming and automobile racing a well-established sport.

In a January 1926 issue of the American Automobile Association's magazine, The American Motorist, Walter Carver explained the influence of racing on innovations in motorcar construction:

Probably but few readers will associate this trend of reduction in engine size with the racing game, for to most people, racing is a game or a mighty dangerous sport which draws its actors from the sons of millionaires or "nut" garage hands…Racing is and has been more than a game. Men have given their lives to prove some point of better motor car operation…speed, acceleration, braking which must be attendant upon high speed, all have been bettered as the result of somebody's efforts at designing something better which went out and won on some perilous track.

Walter Carver, "What the Show Will Show," The American Motorist, January, 1926.
Prosperity and Thrift: The Coolidge Era and the Consumer Economy, 1921-1929

Panoramic view of Corona Speedway
Corona Speedway, Corona, California, 1913.
Taking the Long View, 1851-1991

Crossing the Pacific

Gutierrez Map
First Map of California, by Diego Gutierrez, 1562.1492: An Ongoing Voyage

Having sailed from the Atlantic Ocean through the passage that came to be known as the Straits of Magellan, three ships under the command of native Portuguese explorer Ferdinand Magellan entered "The Sea of the South" on November 28, 1520. Thus the first westward crossing of the Pacific Ocean was launched.

The fleet reached the island of Guam on March 6, 1521 after a voyage so remarkable for its calm that the explorers called the ocean "Pacific." Setting foot on land, the crew that had been reduced to eating leather enjoyed fresh food for the first time in 99 days.

Magellan was killed on April 27, 1521 in fighting with natives of Mactan Island in the Philippines. The following September, one of the fleet's five ships returned to Spain laden with spices, thereby completing the first circumnavigation of the globe and vindicating Magellan's vision of an alternate route to the Spice Islands.

Two-masted ship at a dock
Admiral Byrd's Ship, City of New York (After South Pole Trip), Washington, D.C., Theodor Horydczak, photographer, circa 1920-1950.
Washington as It Was, 1923-1959

Friday, November 27, 2009

New indian bollywood movies

Daily approximately 15 million Indians from all walks of life go to cinema halls and theatre to watch Bollywood movies. In addition to this, millions of people watch Bollywood movies on DVDs, videos and Internet.

Most Bollywood movies are masala films to give full value for money to the audiences. The movies are good entertainer involving songs and dances, love triangles, comedy and fight scenes.

New Bollywood Movies

It is noted that many new movie video files are uploaded within days of their release on many websites. This constitutes piracy and is in violation to copyright laws.

As the old and new Bollywood movies are copyright material, we cannot give any links to watch them online. We have not created any streaming videos or uploaded any movie files on our servers.

People usually upload new movies on internet sites such as,, and similar video sites.

You can watch many old and new movies from India online on many web sites. Various online video sites who have hosted these movies.

  1. Wanted (2009)
    Starring: Salman Khan

  2. Making of Agyaat (2009)

  3. Pyaar Impossible (2009)
    Starring: Uday Chopra, Priyanka Chopra, & Dino Morea

  4. Dil Bole Hadippa (2009)
    Starring: Rani Mukherjee and Shahid Kapoor

  5. Love Aaj Kal (2009)

  6. New York (2009)
    Starring: ohn Abraham, Katrina Kaif, Neil Nitin Mukesh and Irrfan

  7. Deleted Scenes from movies. 21 videos

  8. Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi (2008)
    Starring: Shahrukh Khan and Anushka Sharma, Vinay Pathak

  9. Roadside Romeo (2008)
    Starring: Saif Ali Khan, Kareena Kapoor, Jaaved Jaaferi

  10. Tashan (2008)
    Starring: Akshay Kumar, Saif Ali Khan, Kareena Kapoor and Anil Kapoor

  11. Bachana Ae Haseeno (2008)
    Starring: Ranbir Kapoor, Bipasha Basu, Minissha Lamba and Deepika Padukone

  12. Thoda Pyaar Thoda Magic (2008)
    Starring: Saif Ali Khan and Rani Mukerji, Amisha Patel

  13. Chak De India (2007)
    Starring: Shahrukh Khan

  14. Dhoom (2004)
    Starring: Abhishek Bachchan, Uday Chopra, John Abraham, Esha, Rimii

  15. Dhoom2 (2006)
    Starring: Hritik Roshan, Abhishek Bachchan, Aishwarya Rai, Uday Chopra, Bipasha Basu

  16. Kabul Express (2006)
    Starring: John Abraham, Arshad Warsi, Salman Shahid, Hanif Humghum, Linda Arsenio

  17. Fanna (2006)
    Starring: Aamir Khan, Kajol, Rishi Kapoor, Kirron Khe

  18. Veer Zaara (2004)
    Starring: Shah Rukh Khan, Rani Mukerji, Preity Zinta

  19. Bunty-Aur-Babli (2005)
    Starring: Abhishek Bachchan, Rani Mukerji, Amitabh Bachchan

  20. Salaam Namaste (2005)
    Starring: Saif Ali Khan, Preity Zinta

  21. Mujhse Dosti Karoge (2009)
    Starring: Hrithik Roshan, Rani Mukherjee, Kareena Kapoor, Uday Chopra

  22. Chandni (1989).
    Starring: Rishi Kapoor, Vinod Khanna, Sridevi, Waheeda Rehman, Anupam Kher

  23. Daag (1973).
    Starring: Rajesh Khanna, Sharmila Tagaore, Rakhee, Prem Chopra

  24. Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge (1995).
    Starring: Shah Rukh Khan, Kajol, Anupam Kher, Amrish Puri, Satish Shah, Farida Jalal, Parmeet Sethi, Mandira Bedi, Himani Shivpuri

  25. Dil To Pagal Hai (1997).
    Starring: Shah Rukh Khan, Madhuri Dixit, Karisma Kapoor, Akshay Kumar, Farida Jalal, Devan Verma, Aroona Irani

  26. Lamhe (1991)
    Starring: Anil Kapoor, Sridevi, Waheeda Rehman, Anupam Kher

  27. Kabhi-Kabhie
    Starring: Amitabh Bachchan, Rekha

Trend Setting Bollywood Movies

Following are the trend-setting Bollywood movies that you must see. Most of these movies are all time hits. These movies changed the Bollywood cinema.

  1. Awara ( 1951)
    Director: Raj Kapoor
    Stars: Raj Kapoor, Nargis
    The film started the famous Raj-Nargis pairing. The film established Raj Kapoor as the Chaplin-like ‘tramp’ of Hindi cinema. The music of the film and the songs specially “Awaara hoon”, “Ghar aaya mera pardesi ” and “ Dum bhar jo udhar muhn phere ” were on the lips of not just Indians but people from all over the world especially Russians. The film showed the first ever dream sequence to be filmed in Hindi cinema.

  2. Do Bigha Zameen (1953)
    Director: Bimal Roy
    Stars: Balraj Sahni
    It is one of the most unforgettable films of Indian cinema. The film explores the cruelty to the poor in villages and cities. The film won awards at the Cannes film festival, Karlovy Vary film festivals and Filmfare Awards, but was not a big hit.

  3. Devdas (1955)
    Director: Bimal Roy
    Stars: Dilip Kumar, Vyjayanthimala, Suchitra Sen, Motilal
    This black-and-white film is based on the novel of Saratchandra Chattopadhyay. There has been several remakes of the film but this black-and-white version remains the best. Its dialogue " Kaun kambakht bardasht karne ke liye peeta hai ?” was oft repeated by Dilip Kumar fans. Devdas won Dilip Kumar got the Best Actor award and Vyjayanthimala a Best Supporting Actress award.

  4. Do Aankhen Barah Haath (1957)
    Director: V Shantaram
    Stars: V Shantaram, Sandhya
    TIt is a film about social reforms. V Shantaram played the lead character of an idealistic jailor and his real life wife Sandhya plays a toy seller.

  5. Mother India (1957)
    Director: Mehboob
    Stars: Nargis, Raj Kumar, Rajendra Kumar and Sunil Dutt
    ‘Mother India’ is a tribute to the Indian woman! The only film before ‘Lagaan’ to get a nomination in the Best Foreign Film Category at the Oscars..

  6. Pyaasa (1957)
    Director: Guru Dutt
    Stars: Guru Dutt, Mala Sinha, Waheeda Rehman
    Whether it’s the powerful crushing the feeble or the hypocrisy of the society there is no parallel to the way it’s handled in ‘Pyaasa’. Some of the songs written by Sahir Ludhianvi like “Jaane woh kaise log the”, “Jinhe naaz hai Hind par who kahan hain” and the heartrending “ Yeh duniya agar mil bhi jaaye to kya hai ” are true classics.

  7. Mughal-e-Azam (1960)
    Director: K. Asif
    Stars: Dilip Kumar, Madhubala, Prithviraj Kapoor
    Every scene in this blockbuster film is a masterpiece. The film took almost fifteen years in the making and cost Rs 1.5 crores in those days. It had a grand premiere held simultaneously in 150 theatres all over the country. Naushad’s music is spell binding specially ”Pyaar Kiya to darna kya”, "Parda nahin jab koi khuda se, bandon se parda karna kya" and “ Mohe panghat pe..". Mughal-e-Azam has one of the most talked about erotic scenes in Hindi cinema.

  8. Sahib Biwi aur Ghulam (1962)
    Director: Guru Dutt?
    Stars: Guru Dutt, Meena Kumari, Waheeda Rehman
    Best performance of Meena Kumari. According to some, ‘Sahib Biwi Aur Ghulam’ was ghost directed by Guru Dutt. The film was set in late 19th century against a feudal backdrop. Meena Kumari has never looked as sensuous as the Chhoti Bahu in this film.

  9. Guide (1965)
    Director: Vijay Anand
    Stars: Dev Anand, Waheeda Rehman
    Based on R.K. Narayan's novel ‘The Guide’, this film was considered very bold at that time as it showed a guide and a married woman in love and living together. Waheeda Rehman won the Filmfare Award for Best Actress for that year. S.D Burman’s music with songs like, “ Piya Tose Naina Lage Re”, ”Aaj Phir Jeene ki Tamanna Hai”, “Din Dhal Jaaye”, “Tere Mere Sapne Ab Ek Rang Hai”, “Gaata Rahe Mera Dil”, “Kya se Kya Ho Gaya” and “Wahaan Kaun Hai Tera” were superb.

  10. Teesri Manzil (1966)
    Stars: Shammi Kapoor, Asha Parekh, Helen
    It is a suspense thriller with glittering sets and a lot of songs by Asha Bhonsle and RD music by Burman and sizzling dances of Helen.

  11. Padosan (1968)
    Director: Mehmood
    Stars: Mehmood, Kishore Kumar, Sunil Dutt
    The best Hindi comedy movie of all times, featuring the two uncrowned Kings of Comedy, Kishore Kumar and Mehmood and excellent performance by Sunil Dutt. The movie has some hilarious songs like ‘ Ik chatur naar karke singaar’ and ‘Mere saamne waali khidki mein’.

  12. Anand (1970)
    Director: Hrishikesh Mukherjee
    Stars: Rajesh Khanna, Amitabh Bachchan
    It was a lighthearted melodramatic tale of a man suffering from cancer, who never seen unhappy or crying. The film won the Filmfare Award in 1972.

  13. Pakeezah (1972)
    Director: Kamal Amrohi
    Stars: Raj Kumar, Meena Kumari
    Pakeezah acquired a legendary status soon after its heroine, Meena Kumari passed away. The film has a larger than life feel and is grand is appearance. The incredibly lyrical songs and mujras in the film are breathtaking. The costumes and sets are gorgeous.

  14. Garam Hawa (1973)
    Director: M.S. Sathyu
    Stars: Balraj Sahni
    ’Garam Hawa’ is one of the most sensitively made films on the Indo-Pak partition. The film was about a Muslim family that decides to remain in India post-partition. It explores how partition affects them socially, emotionally and economically. The film won the National Award that year.

  15. Bobby (1973)
    Director: Raj Kapoor
    Stars: Balraj Sahni, Dimple Kapadia
    One of the sweetest love stories in Hindi cinema with rich-poor formula. The music of the film was a smash hit with songs like ‘ Hum tum ik kamre mein band ho’ and ‘Jhooth bole’ becoming anthems for the youth. Dimple Kapadia with her short dresses and knotted teeny weeny tops became the darling of the nation.

  16. Sholay (1975)
    Stars: Amitabh Bachchan, Sanjeev Kumar, Dharmendra, Amjad Khan, Hema Malini, Jaya Bhaduri
    The most entertaining film of all times. The legendary Gabbar’s (Amjad Khan) dialogues like "Pachas pachas kos door gaon mein jab bachcha raat ko rota hai to maa kahti hai beta soja ..soja nahin to Gabbar Singh aa jaayega" are famous even today. Hema Malini as the chatterbox Basanti was a laugh riot. Sholay is a film that was watchewd by people again and again.

  17. Deewaar (1975)
    Director: Yash Chopra
    Stars: Amitabh Bachchan, Shashi Kapoor, Parveen Babi, Neetu Singh
    two films, Deewar and Zanjeer were the turning point in the career of Amitabh Bachchan who was struggling in Bollywood Industry in those years. The dialogues “Aaj mere paas bangla hai, gaadi hai, bank balance hai. Tumhare paas kya hai? Mere paas ... Maaa Hai ” written by Salim-Javed left a huge impact on the audiences.

  18. Arth (1982)
    Director: Mahesh Bhat
    Stars: Kulbhushan Kharbanda, Shabana Azmi, Smita Patils
    The film is about the complexities of an extra-marital relationship from the points of view of the husband, the wife and the mistress.

  19. Jane Bhi Do Yaaron (1983)
    Director: Raj Kapoor
    Stars: Naseeruddin Shah, Ravi Vaswani, Om Puri, Satish Shah, Pankaj Kapoor, Satish Kaushik
    One of the most brilliant satires, the film is about two simple and honest photographer friends. By chance they witness a murder and are dragged into the corrupt real estate deals with politicians and bureaucrats. Like Sholay people remember the funny dialogues of the film.

  20. Mr. India (1987)
    Director: Shekhar Kapoor
    Stars: Anil Kapoor, Sridevi
    The hero of the film, Anil Kapoor had the power to go invisible. Amrish Puri’s menacing act as Mogambo was a turning point in his career and also the most memorable comic villain acts in Hindi cinema.

  21. Qayamat Se Qayamat Tak (1988)
    Stars: Aamir Khan, Juhi Chawla
    Aamir Khan’s debut film. It is one of the landmark films of Hindi cinema. The film was a blockbuster making Aamir Khan and Juhi Chawla popular.

  22. Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge (1995)
    Director: Aditya Chopra
    Stars: Shah Rukh Khan, Kajol
    The film which made an entry into the Guinness Book Of World Records, is still running in Mumbai’s Maratha Mandir for more than 700 weeks! The film won ten Filmfare awards. The music of the film was superhit.

  23. Satya (1998)
    The film was about the genesis of a criminal from an innocent man called Satya.

  24. Lagaan (2001)
    Stars: Aamir Khan
    "Lagaan" wcombined cricket and Bollywood. The movie was nominated as one of the five entries at the Oscars, the only film after ‘Mother India’ and ‘Salaam Bombay’. It won eight Filmfare awards in all the major categories.

  25. Black (2005)
    Director: Sanjay Leela Bhansali’
    Stars: Amitabh Bachchan, Rani Mukerji, Ayesha Kapoor
    It tells the story of a deaf and blind girl. The movie is inspired by the life of Helen Keller and her teacher Anne Sullivan. "Black" is bi-lingual set against an Anglo-Indian family living in Shimla. It received many awards.

Dhoni - Sreesanth controlled his emotions

cricket score news

India captain Mahendra Singh Dhoni believes a well-behaved Shanthakumaran Sreesanth augurs well for the side.

The temperamental fast bowler marked a spectacular return to the international game after a break of over 18 months by claiming six wickets in India's crushing victory over Sri Lanka in the second Test at Kanpur.

Sreesanth's five for 75 in the first innings - only his second five-wicket haul in Tests - had helped India enforce the follow-on and eventually secure victory by an innings and 144 runs inside four days.

It was India's 100th victory in Test cricket and Dhoni credited Sreesanth for his part in the success.

"I don't think anybody expected a seamer to run away with a five-wicket haul but he did," Dhoni said.

"He bowled really well, came steaming in and consistently hit good areas.

"More importantly he controlled his emotions and he has definitely cut down on his antics.

"He was aggressive, but in a different way and that is good for him and the team," he said.

Man of the match Sreesanth last played a Test in April last year when injury forced him out of contention.

In the period in between, he had made headlines for his erratic behaviour off the field, but he was handed a lifeline when he was surprisingly picked for the Test team.

Dhoni said Sreesanth, who was drafted in for the second Test at the expense of Ishant Sharma, had been an automatic choice.

"Before the start of this match we knew we would have reverse swing at this ground and Sreesanth along with Zaheer Khan are the best swing bowlers we have got," Dhoni said.

"He was bowling well in the nets as well," he said.

Dhoni also credited his batsmen for the victory after recording a mammoth first-innings total of 642 and believes Sri Lanka will have to battle hard to draw the series.

"It was a good toss to win and the surface was at its best on the first day," Dhoni said.

"You always want to put on a big score and that is what we did. Then we needed early wickets and the seamers provided the breakthroughs.

"Pragyan Ojha too bowled excellently, kept it tight and picked up wickets when he could.

"He had a very good debut. I think we are playing to potential, everyone is playing their role to perfection and we are clicking in every department.

"It was important to get momentum going into the final match in Mumbai.

"The wicket there is bound to be different and usually there is a bit for the seamers and the spinners because of the soil used, so it's going to be interesting."

Sri Lanka's captain Kumar Sangakkara believes his team still have plenty to play for.

"We can still draw the series and there is great motivation for us," he said.

"Obviously we are disappointed, but you have to take responsibility and move ahead."

Sangakkara's bowlers have struggled on this tour and their attacking talisman Muttiah Muralitharan's performance has been particularly shabby.

In the two matches, he has managed only five wickets at an average of 79.20.

"It does bother us when our star bowler does not pick too many wickets when we know he can," Sangakkara said.

"But he still is our best bowler and we have got to back him 100% because he is going to do that at some point.

"Hopefully, it will be in the next game."

UK loves comedy films - but Coventry is crazy about sci-fi

top bollywood news

FILM FANS are choosing to laugh their way through tough economic times, with comedy named as the UK's favourite genre.

Cinema chain Odeon polled more than 5,000 UK moviegoers - and found that comedy came out on top, with just over a fifth of votes (21 per cent). This was followed by action/adventure with 15 per cent, and romantic comedies with 12 per cent.

Nearly a quarter of those who took part in the poll (24 per cent) named police spoof Hot Fuzz, starring Simon Pegg, as their favourite comedy film of all time.

The survey also found regional variations, with the action adventure genre particularly popular in Oxford, Bollywood in Brighton, comedy in Cardiff, gangster in Norwich, sci-fi in Coventry, horror in Wolverhampton, musical in Worcester and rom com in York.

Luke Vetere, sales and marketing director at Odeon and UCI cinemas said: "2009 has proved to be a real treat for comedy fans with blockbuster offerings such as The Hangover and Bruno taking the nation by storm during the summer, and the heart-warming Christmas Brit flick Nativity set to wrap up the year."

The survey also found that 47 per cent of UK cinemagoers have smooched in the back row, 19 per cent have had a first kiss at the cinema, 58 per cent have cried - and 44 per cent have fallen asleep.

What's on WWE Superstars tonight : The Miz, Dolph Ziggler, Goldust in action

The Miz vs. Santino

Tonight's edition of WWE Superstars on WGN will feature R-Truth vs. Dolph Ziggler from the Smackdown brand.

Truth has been placed in higher profile matches as of late while Ziggler's recent streak has included a two-fall loss to John Morrison in a two-out-of-three falls match for the IC Title on last week's Smackdown, the first elimination in the opening Survivor Series match, and a decisive loss against Kofi Kingston in the opening match on Raw.

The Raw brand has U.S. champion The Miz vs. Santino in a "re-match" from their near-food fight on the "Dinner Impossible" show on Food Network that aired earlier this month. It will be interesting to see whether the announcers refer to that cross-over show during the match tonight.

ECW has Goldust vs. Kozlov in a match-up of two men who were off WWE TV for a few weeks. Kozlov returned to ECW TV this past Tuesday while Goldust has not appeared on TV since the November 10 ECW from England.

Crew Given "Go" for Payload Bay Door Closing

At 5:52 a.m. EST, STS-129 entry Flight Director Bryan Lunney and his entry team of flight controllers gave space shuttle Atlantis Commander Charles Hobaugh a "go" to close the payload bay doors. Shortly, Atlantis will transition to the entry software program. The crew members will begin suiting up in their launch and entry suits at 7:14 a.m. and strap into their seats at 7:37 a.m. A "go-no go" call for the 8:37 a.m. deorbit burn is expected at 8:17 a.m.

Weather conditions at the Kennedy Space Center Shuttle Landing Facility are observed "go" and forecast "go" for the predicted landing time of 9:44 a.m. EST. NASA Flight Crew Operations Director Brent Jett is flying weather reconnaissance flights at Kennedy and reports the conditions are as predicted. Capcom Chris Ferguson told Hobaugh, "Really good conditions down here."

The STS-129 Crew

Image above: The STS-129 crew members show some of their Thanksgiving food items during an in-flight media interview: Photo credit: NASA TV

› Meet the STS-129 Crew

Crew Begins Landing Day
The crew of space shuttle Atlantis has begun what is scheduled to be the STS-129 mission’s landing day.

Atlantis will be bringing home Mission Specialist and former Expedition 20 and 21 Flight Engineer Nicole Stott, who spent 87 days on the International Space Station. Her return brings to an end nearly a decade of space shuttle use to rotate crew on the station.

With the weather in Florida looking perfect for a landing, Atlantis’ first opportunity is at Kennedy Space Center on orbit 171. It would see a deorbit burn at 8:37 a.m. EST. Landing would be at 9:44 a.m.

Atlantis is winding up a mission that included three spacewalks and more than six days at the International Space Station. The orbiter took 14 tons of cargo in its payload bay, including two large carriers with spare parts to sustain station operations after the shuttles are retired next year, to the orbiting laboratory.

Tuesday at 10 a.m., European Space Agency astronaut Frank De Winne handed over command of the station to NASA astronaut Jeff Williams. De Winne and Expedition 21 Flight Engineers Roman Romanenko and Robert Thirsk are scheduled to leave the station for return to Earth in a Soyuz capsule on Nov. 30.

› View video of change of command ceremony

On Sunday, Bresnik told the flight controllers his new daughter, Abigail Mae Bresnik, had been born in Houston at 11:04 p.m. CST Saturday. He said his wife Rebecca and new daughter, 6 pounds, 13 ounces and 20 inches long, were doing well. Bresnik got the news by private phone patch through mission control shortly after the crew was awakened.

› Listen to Bresnik's comments
› View video of announcement
› Read the Pre-flight Interview with Randy and Rebecca Bresnik

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Zee Multiplex Nov. 25 '09

For more news and analysis, log on to ... zee news multiplex bollywood priyanka chopra vidya balan katrina kaif arshad warsi movie

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Ranbir And Imran Not Best Friend

Interesrting to watch! ... Current Bollywood News "Bollywood News Today" Actor Actress Film Movie Video Entertainment "Another Big Bollywood Rivalry?"

Indian film: fraternity divided on capturing 26/11 on reels

A year after the country's entertainment capital witnessed one of the worst-ever terror attacks, Bollywood is still divided on whether it is the right to bring alive the 26/11 carnage on the silver screen.

Though around 10 film titles revolving around the tragedy have been registered and a couple of low-budget movies are ready for release, mainstream filmmakers have chosen to stay away from the topic after director Ram Gopal Varma faced flak for accompanying the then Maharashtra CM Vilasrao Deskmukh to visit the Taj hotel soon after the attacks.

Despite Verma's denial that he had any plans to make a film on the attacks, he was severely criticised for the 'terror tourism', which also cost the chief minister his job.

Filmmaker Rensil D'silva, who tackles terrorism in his recently released film Kurbaan, feels it is too early to explore the subject as the wounds left by the incident.

"Not anytime soon. The wounds are yet to heal. We should wait for at least 3-4 years before embarking on a film on the subject," the director said.

"Hollywood made films on the 9/11 terror attacks but these films were made just four years ago, a few years after the tragedy," said D'silva, who directed the Saif Ali Khan- Kareena Kapoor in his debut film, with a terror background.

"Besides whatever details we have is just about 40 per cent of the facts of the attacks, barely enough to portray a tragedy of such magnitude as 26/11," he says.

However, industry's bad man Gulshan Grover does not subscribe to D'silva's views and says, "There is nothing like a proper time to tell a story. There are many people around the world who are curious to know what happened on 26/11."

"As long as the story is authentic and sincere and the film fraternity is not looking to just commercially exploit the subject, I see no problem why a movie (on the subject) should not be made," he asserts.

Actor-filmmaker Anant Mahadevan, who is ready with his next release Red alert, with a naxal setting, says the Indian film industry does not have enough means to deal with the subject, which is why it is not willing to take risk.

"It is not possible to recreate the Taj Hotel..where would you create the inferno? Where is the budget? Besides, what we have is only a superficial idea of what happened and no one has tried to go down deep into the issue. Inadequacy of research and budget have restrained the industry," he says.

"What we can do is to take one particular human angle... for instance the case of the fisherwoman (Anita Uddaiya), who claimed to have seen the terrorists landing on the sea shore and was allegedly whisked off by the FBI," says the director, who is known for his romantic flicks like Dil Vil Pyar Vyar and Dil Mange More.

While many in Bollywood are reluctant to revisit the incident through movies, producer Harish Sharma has already finished his film on the 26/11 attack.

Titled Total 10, the film has been made on a small budget of Rs 2.5 crore and is based on media reports of the carnage and accounts of police officials, victims and others.

Veteran Bollywood actor Vinod Khanna has also worked on tele-series Unn Hazaroon Ke Naam, which has multiple stories depicting the loss through personal accounts.

Wish Shahrukh was here, say Makrand Deshpande

Panaji, Nov 26 (IANS) Actor and director Makrand Deshpande would have loved to have superstar Shahrukh Khan for the premiere of his film ‘Shahrukh Bola Tu Khoohbsurat Hai’ at the 40th edition of the International Film Festival of India (IFFI) here.
‘I had invited Shahrukh here for the premiere of my film, but he told me that he would attend the opening night instead,’ Deshpande told reporters.

Speaking about his film, Deshpande, known for his quirky roles like that of a gangling ascetic in Ashutosh Gowarikar’s ‘Swades’, said that the movie was about a girl who has a small brush with Shahrukh Khan in real life which completely transforms her life.

‘This girl is in a very bad mood, when Shahrukh suddenly as a matter of chance passes by the street in a car and says ‘tu khoobsurat hai!’ (you are beautiful!). It changes the life of this flower-selling girl,’ Deshpande said.

Speaking about his role as a director, Deshpande said that experience in theatre held him in good stead.

‘I did not really know when I said action (for the first time). I think I was always a director,’ he quipped.

Cricket news: Dravid scores landmark ton

Rahul Dravid completed his 28th Test century and moved into fourth place on the all-time scorers list as India tightened their grip on the second Test against Sri Lanka yesterday.

Dravid made a superb 144 after becoming the third player to score a hundred before India were all out for 642 soon after tea on the second day.

Sri Lankan left-arm spinner Rangana Herath triggered a late batting slump,when he grabbed five wickets by striking either side of the interval on a slow Green Park pitch.

Herath captured five for 121, his fourth five-wicket haul in a test innings,, taking all but one of the last six wickets which tumbled for 29 runs.

Sri Lanka reached 66 for one at stumps after a nightmare start when opener Tillakaratne Dilshan was out for a first ball duck when he top-edged a loosener down the leg side from paceman Zaheer Khan to be caught at mid-on.

Contador to stay with Astana team

Tour de France champion Alberto Contador is set to remain with his Astana squad in 2010 after International Cycling Union (UCI) announced the team's official registration for next season had been approved.

The registration enables Astana to remain part of the top ProTour league and removes one of the last major obstacles to Contador remaining with the Kazakh-funded squad.

The UCI yesterday released a list of 17 teams, including Astana, that had completed the registration procedure.

The UCI said they had asked for an extra bank guarantee from the team after Astana had problems with rider payments this year.

Astana had missed an earlier deadline for registration in October and Spaniard Contador threatened to quit the team if the new target date was not met.

Despite winning the Tour de France for the second time, Contador had a turbulent 2009 marked by delayed wages and a stormy relationship with team-mate and seven-times Tour champion Lance Armstrong.

Armstrong announced in July he was leaving Astana to set up his own team.

Irish Independent

2nd ODI England v South Africa: Cape Town preview and tips

Cape Town will host England in the third ODI against South Africa. The visitors lead the series 1-0 and a win here for England will mean that they cannot lose the series. This will be a coup of sorts, as the last time South Africa did not win a bilateral ODI series at home was way back in 2001-02!

However, South Africa will draw heart from the fact that their record at Newlands in Cape Town has been near-impeccable. In the 27 games that the hosts have played here, they have lost only three. They will also go into the game on a nine-match winning streak here, and that is probably one reason why Bet Fred offers 4/7 for a South African win. England, who were 2/1 to win the second game is now at 6/4 (Boylesports) to take an unassailable 2-0 lead, and with the issues that South Africa has had with their bowling, it is a reasonable possibility.

South Africa did get to 250 in the previous game, but the captain Graeme Smith wasn’t too far from the truth when he said that the pitch demanded at least 20-30 more runs. Unfortunately for the hosts, the absence of Jacques Kallis, and the early dismissal of Smith (7/2 at Ladbrokes to be their best batsman in this game) pegged the middle order back. Herschelle Gibbs has been called up as cover for Kallis’ injury, and the Proteas may give him another go in desperation. 888Sport offers 9/2 for him to top the South African batting. Alviro Petersen had impressed in the previous match with a run-a-ball 64, and that has put him at 7/1 (Ladbrokes) to repeat the effort.

AB de Villiers did have a chance to get going at number three, but failed. One does sense that he may get another couple of opportunities at that position given that he is a good quality batsman and hence has a good chance of topping the South African batting – Paddy Power offering 4/1 for his top score.

For England, Paul Collingwood had had a field day with the bat, ball and in the field last Sunday. He will continue to be the danger-man and a tempting offer of 11/2 (Totesport) to top his side again, will be eyed by many. Kevin Pietersen (7/2 at Ladbrokes to top the English batting) continues to be the favourite to smash the highest score in the innings, but he needs to settle in and get a start. The other South African born batsman in the English side, Jonathon Trott has acquitted himself rather well in the limited opportunities he has had in all three formats of the game, and should continue opening the batting. 888Sport offers 7/2 for him to top-score the English innings.

The one batsman who has had a good lead-up since shifting to England from Ireland is Eoin Morgan (7/1 at Ladbrokes to be the best batsman for England) and he will look to continue batting in the same vein as the T20Is.

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New Report Provides Update on Recent Climate Changes

View of the Earth as seen by the Apollo 17 crew

View of the Earth as seen by the Apollo 17 crew traveling toward the moon. Image credit: NASA
› Larger image

A new global scientific synthesis report prepared by 26 of the world's top climate scientists, including JPL research scientist Eric Rignot and NASA Goddard Space Flight Center researcher Robert Bindschadler, concludes that several important aspects of climate change are occurring at the high end of, or even beyond the expectations of just a few years ago. The report, "The Copenhagen Diagnosis: Updating the World on the Latest Climate Science," documents key findings in climate change science since December 2005. That was the cutoff for scientific inputs used to prepare the United Nations' Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change Fourth Assessment Report, released in 2007.

› Read the news release

› Read the full report

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Prometheus Plays Tug of War with One of Saturn's Rings

Saturn and its moon Prometheus

Saturn's moon Prometheus, orbiting near the streamer-channels it has created in the thin F ring, casts a shadow on the A ring in this image taken a little more than a week after the planet's August 2009 equinox. Image credit: NASA/JPL/Space Science Institute
› Full image and caption

The diminutive moon Prometheus whips gossamer ice particles out of Saturn's F ring in this image taken by the Cassini spacecraft on Aug. 21, 2009. The moon and the ring have eccentric, offset orbits, so Prometheus dips in and out of the F ring as it travels around Saturn. Its gravitational force drags the dust-sized particles at the edge of the F ring along for the ride.

The ability of the potato-shaped Prometheus to pull material out of the F ring was first theorized in the late 1990s and finally imaged by Cassini in 2004. But because these so-called "streamer-channels" have constantly shifted as Prometheus and the F ring have moved, the F ring has never looked the same twice. The gravitational pull of other moons on other rings has created waves in the edges, but nothing quite as extreme as the streamer-channels of Prometheus.

NASA'S WISE Spacecraft Ready for Launch Dec. 9 from California

WASHINGTON -- The launch of NASA's Wide-field Infrared Survey Explorer, or WISE, aboard a Delta II rocket is scheduled to occur between 9:09 a.m. and 9:23 a.m. EST on Wednesday, Dec. 9, from Vandenberg Air Force Base in California. NASA will provide television and Internet coverage of prelaunch activities and launch.

After launch, WISE will scan the entire sky in infrared light with a sensitivity hundreds of times greater than ever before, picking up the glow of hundreds of millions of objects and producing millions of images. The mission will uncover objects never seen before, including the coolest stars, the universe's most luminous galaxies and some of the darkest near-Earth asteroids and comets.

A prelaunch news conference on NASA Television will be held on Dec. 7 at 4 p.m. at the NASA Vandenberg Resident Office. Reporters can ask from participating NASA centers. A WISE mission science briefing will immediately follow the prelaunch news conference. The briefings will be webcast at:

On Dec. 9, NASA TV coverage of the countdown and launch will begin at 7 a.m. A WISE webcast with launch and mission principals is scheduled for noon on Dec. 8. To access WISE features, visit NASA's WISE Web site at:

Audio of the prelaunch news conference and the launch coverage will be available by dialing 321-867-1220/1240/1260. This is a listen-only audio system. Mission audio of countdown activities without NASA launch commentary will be carried on 321-867-7135 beginning at 6 a.m.

Launch coverage of WISE/Delta II countdown activities also will be available on the NASA Web site at:

Beginning Dec. 3, a WISE mission news center will be operational at the NASA Vandenberg Resident Office. Reporters should call 805-605-3051 for launch information. Recorded status reports also will be available at that time by dialing 805-734-2693.

Space Shuttle Atlantis Crew Set to Land in Florida Friday

CAPE CANAVERAL, Fla. -- Space shuttle Atlantis and its seven-member crew are expected to return to Earth on Friday, Nov. 27, after an 11-day mission. The two landing opportunities at NASA's Kennedy Space Center in Florida are at 9:44 a.m. and 11:19 a.m. EST.

NASA will evaluate weather conditions at Kennedy before permitting Atlantis and its crew to land. If bad weather prevents a return to Florida on Friday or Saturday, both Kennedy and the backup landing site at Edwards Air Force Base in California will be activated for consideration on Sunday. For recorded updates about the shuttle landing, call 321-867-2525.

Approximately two hours after landing, NASA officials will hold a briefing to discuss the mission. The participants will be:

- Bill Gerstenmaier, NASA associate administrator for Space Operations
- Mike Moses, space shuttle launch integration manager
- Mike Leinbach, NASA shuttle launch director

After touchdown in Florida, the astronauts will undergo physical examinations and meet with their families. They are expected to make brief remarks at the runway and hold a news conference approximately six hours after landing. The news events will be broadcast live on NASA Television and the agency's Web site.

The Kennedy news center will open for landing activities at 5 a.m. Friday and close at 5 p.m., or one hour after the last media event.

The STS-129 media badges are in effect through landing. The media accreditation building on State Road 3 will be open Friday from 6 a.m. to 8:30 a.m. The last bus will depart from the news center for the Shuttle Landing Facility one hour before landing.

If the landing is diverted to Edwards, reporters should call NASA's Dryden Flight Research Center public affairs office at 661-276-3449. Dryden has limited facilities available for previously accredited journalists.

The NASA News Twitter feed is updated throughout the shuttle mission and landing. To access the feed, visit:

For NASA TV downlink information, schedules and links to streaming video, visit:

For the latest information about the STS-129 mission and accomplishments, visit:

Flight Controllers Develop Workaround to Bypass Suspect Filter

Thu, 26 Nov 2009 04:05:10 AM GMT+0530

A routine disposal overboard of waste water and urine collected aboard Atlantis was terminated early. It is not necessary to dump the now half-full collection tank before landing Friday. Flight controllers have a workaround available for the crew to bypass a suspected clogged filter and dump the liquid, if landing is delayed.

The STS-129 astronauts began their sleep shift at 5:28 p.m. EST and will awaken at 1:28 a.m. Thursday. Atlantis’ first landing opportunity is Friday at 9:44 a.m. at Kennedy Space Center in Florida.

Space Shuttle Mission: STS-129

Image above: Space shuttle Atlantis flies around the International Space Station after undocking. Photo credit: NASA

› Meet the STS-129 Crew

Atlantis Undocks from Station, Scheduled for Friday Landing
Atlantis undocked from the International Space Station at 4:53 a.m. EST Wednesday, ending a successful resupply visit that included three spacewalks. The total docked time was 6 days, 17 hours and 2 minutes.

Atlantis brought to the station about 14 tons of cargo in its payload bay, including two large carriers with heavy spare parts that were installed on the station. The shuttle also carried about a ton of cargo in its crew cabin. It is bringing home about the same weight of cabin cargo from the orbiting laboratory.

Atlantis Commander Charles Hobaugh, Pilot Barry Wilmore and Mission Specialists Leland Melvin, Randy Bresnik, Mike Foreman, Robert Satcher Jr. and Nicole Stott are scheduled to land at 9:44 a.m. Friday at Kennedy Space Center in Florida.

Tuesday at 10 a.m., European Space Agency astronaut Frank De Winne handed over command of the station to NASA astronaut Jeff Williams. De Winne and Expedition 21 Flight Engineers Roman Romanenko and Robert Thirsk are scheduled to leave the station for return to Earth in a Soyuz capsule on Nov. 30.

› View video of change of command ceremony

On Sunday, Bresnik told the flight controllers his new daughter, Abigail Mae Bresnik, had been born in Houston at 11:04 p.m. CST Saturday. He said his wife Rebecca and new daughter, 6 pounds, 13 ounces and 20 inches long, were doing well. Bresnik got the news by private phone patch through mission control shortly after the crew was awakened.

› Listen to Bresnik's comments
› View video of announcement
› Read the Pre-flight Interview with Randy and Rebecca Bresnik

STS-129 Additional Resources
› STS-129 Landing Ground Tracks
› STS-129 Mission Overview
› STS-129 Press Kit (15.5 Mb PDF)
› Mission Summary (518 kb PDF)
› More about STS-129 Crew
› Remaining Shuttle Missions (730Kb)

Orbiter Status
› About the Orbiters

The Hamilton Ave Journal 11.26.09: Volume 2 – Issue 113

By JP Prag

Volume 2 – Issue 113


The Hamilton Ave Journal is the only wrestling news report focused solely on the business of wrestling. Here in the Journal we not only look at the stories that are important to the investor and business-minded person, but also delve deeper into stories that most fans of wrestling would overlook. That is because the Journal is about getting the heart of the matters that affect the companies and outlooks of the wrestling world.

And where is Hamilton Ave? That is the location of the WWE Production Studio in Stamford, CT, and thus the most powerful place in the wrestling world. Besides, The East Main Street Journal just does not have the right ring to it.

Who am I? I am JP Prag: consultant, entrepreneur, businessman, journalist, and wrestling fan.

Now, ring the bell because the market is open.

The Hamilton Ave Journal


The Journal's front page area known as What's News isn't just about telling you what has happened. The stories in this section are about what will have an effect on the wrestling industry, individual federations, and the wallets of the fans.

LEAD STORY: WWE Women Most Powerful in Cable

For the past two years, the Journal has covered in the detail the slowly changing upper echelon of the WWE. Although wrestling is considered to be traditionally a male dominated form of entertainment, it is women who have taken a considerable role of power in the past decade. While Dixie Carter as President of TNA is a major kudos in women's place in the wrestling pantheon, it is the WWE that has shown that they are more open to a woman's perspective at the top of their organization.

Until a few months ago, the WWE was helmed by Linda McMahon. While Linda's place as CEO always put her second fiddle to Chairman of the Board Vince McMahon, the high level executive positions within the company began to shift over to women with a lot of experience in the media and sports industries. How this has changed how the WWE presents itself, the audience they garner, and overall impact on the company is a topic for a much larger debate, but the sheer knowledge that these women have such influential roles speaks volumes to the read of the media world.

And that is exactly what CableFAX has recently released in their November 2009 magazine. While women from MTV, TBS, Cox, FOX, CNN, HBO, and many others were honored, it was the WWE that had three women named on the list of "Most Powerful Women in Cable". While none ranked in the officially number of the top 50, readers of the Journal should not be surprised at the list.

First up is Executive Vice President of Marketing Michelle Wilson. While Ms. Wilson is relatively new to the job, the magazine credits her with the success of WrestleMania 26 as well as marketing deals with 7-11 and PepsiCo.

Up next is the often Journal covered subject of Chief Operating Office Dona Goldsmith. Mr. Goldsmith was also named "the second-most influential women in sports by Forbes" according to the article. While Ms. Goldsmith's views of the industry she works in may be questionable, she is correct in giving her results:

"… our operating profit is up approximately 15% vs. the prior year."

When you have numbers like that, it is hard to argue.

Lastly is the truly expected Executive Vice President of Creative Development and Operations Stephanie McMahon. Interestingly enough, the article does not go into any details on Ms. McMahon's role as a writer for the programs, but instead concentrated on her role of booking guest hosts for RAW and got getting WWE talent on other shows.

While these women's positions on the list are nothing to sneeze at, it is number two on the list that is most important to the WWE's future. President of NBC Universal and formerly of subsidiary USA Networks, Bonnie Hammer has more to do with how the WWE is presented and where they are today than most people who actually work for the company. And here, too, the article gives a shout out to the WWE, solidifying the WWE with the top women in cable.


Some items of note in the rest of the wrestling business world:

  • New WWE ring announcer Lauren Mayhew has parted ways with the WWE. Reportedly, even as recently as Monday night / Tuesday morning her representative was sending out threatening letters to anyone who he considered to be posting slanderous material of her. Any alleged slanderous material was removed, though there is no word if this type of behavior had anything to do with her and the WWE parting ways.

  • In a follow-up to last week's news item, soon to be former WWE Executive Vice President of Global Media Shane McMahon did in fact meet with UFC President Dana White. Mr. White made the confirmation at a Q&A session in Las Vegas before UFC 106.

  • WWE has apparently signed a new deal with Sky Sports in the UK. The new deal includes airing WWE SuperStars beginning December 11, 2009 and This Week in WWE which will begin airing January 3, 2010. The other WWE programs remain in their normal spots. All together, it looks like a significant rights fee increase for the WWE.

  • There is some confusion whether Pro Wrestling UNSCRIPTED (PWU) has a deal to air their show on VERSUS beginning in January 2010. It now appears that a third party company (BMG Marketing) is actually buying two hour infomercial time on the network on a monthly basis for PWU to air their shows on. The other issue is that the venue PWU has claimed to book does not have a date set for their tapings. The venue—the Philadelphia Convention Center—says that PWU staff did take a tour of the facility but that no contracts were signed.


    In the Marketplace we look at the trends in television ratings. This section is less for critical analysis by the Journal but more for the reader to see what is really going on and to draw their own conclusions.

    As with stocks, here in the Journal we track the progress of television ratings. If ratings are the barometer by which we judge the product, then over the course of 52 weeks we should be able to see patterns, trends, and anomalies.

    For the week ending November 25, 2009, here are the current standings of our shows:


    Close (This Week's Rating): 3.3
    Open (Last Week's Rating): 3.5
    Percentage Change: ▼ 5.7%
    52-Week High: 4.5
    52-Week Low: 3.0
    All Time High: 8.1
    All Time Low: 1.8

    Close (This Week's Rating): UNAV
    Open (Last Week's Rating): UNAV
    Percentage Change: N/A
    52-Week High: 2.3
    52-Week Low: 1.6
    All Time High: 5.8
    All Time Low: 1.0

    * SmackDown! ratings may include fast overnight if final ratings are not posted. Also, SmackDown! ratings are for the prior week as overnights are not available before this article goes to print.

    Close (This Week's Rating): UNAV
    Open (Last Week's Rating): 1.1
    Percentage Change: N/A
    52-Week High: 1.4
    52-Week Low: 0.7
    All Time High: 2.3
    All Time Low: 0.6

    TNA iMPACT**
    Close (This Week's Rating): 1.1
    Open (Last Week's Rating): 1.1
    Percentage Change: UNCH
    52-Week High: 1.3
    52-Week Low: 0.9
    All Time High: 1.3
    All Time Low: 0.6

    ** TNA iMPACT's are for the prior week as ratings may not be available at the time of the Journal's posting

    Close (This Week's Rating): 1.0
    Open (Last Week's Rating): 0.9
    Percentage Change: ▲ 11.1%
    52-Week High: 1.0
    52-Week Low: 0.7
    All Time High: 1.0
    All Time Low: 0.7

    *** SuperStars ratings may include fast overnight if final ratings are not posted. Also, SuperStars ratings are for the prior week as overnights are not available before this article goes to print.


    With SmackDown and ECW delayed this week due to issue Nielsen was having last week coupled with the holiday, the most interesting rating result of the week belongs to SuperStars. The show did a 1.0 rating, the highest rating since August 20, 2009 and a tie for their all-time highest rating. RAW and ECW may be slipping in the ratings, but SuperStars has slowly edged up their average since a September low of 0.7.

    RAW itself was down this week, mostly due to the poorer performing first hour. Without the first hour, the show would have had a 3.5 rating. The last three hour RAW was on June 15, 2009 when the show did a 3.6 for the entire run and a 3.9 during the regular two hours. The one before it on June 13, 2009 had a 3.7 for the entire show. With a plethora of three hour RAWs heading in to the end of the year, it looks like the WWE could end up back in 2008's numbers of a 3.0, such as December 8, 2008.


    We all know that wrestling is a business, but we don't often pay attention to what sells and makes money. Money and Investing looks into the top selling items in the world of wrestling and any interesting figures that may have come out this week.

    What are the top selling items for the WWE? releases a list of varying numbers to show what is selling for them:

    1. John Cena Never Give Up T-Shirt ($25.00)
    2. John Cena Never Give Up YOUTH T-Shirt ($22.00)
    3. John Cena Never Give Up Sweatband Set ($12.00)
    4. John Cena Never Give Up Baseball Cap ($20.00)
    5. John Cena Holiday 2009 Youth T-Shirt Package ($26.99)
    6. John Cena Attitude Adjustment Sweatband Set ($12.00)
    7. WWE Steel Cage Ring ($49.99, on sale $29.99, on double sale $22.98)
    8. John Cena Ruthless Aggression #38 Action Figure ($8.99)
    9. Hardys Purple Logo Pendant ($10.00)
    10. D Generation X Basics YOUTH T-Shirt ($9.99)
    11. Rey Mysterio PPV #20 Action Figure ($19.99, on sale $14.99)
    12. Triple H & Shawn Michaels Adrenaline Series 24 ($29.99, on sale $19.99)
    13. Are You Ready: The Unauthorized History of D Generation X Paperback Book ($16, on sale $5.99)
    14. DX Holiday 2009 T-Shirt Package ($55, on sale $29.99)
    15. Superstars Collectible Cup ($1.99)
    16. John Cena Light up Pen ($8, on sale $2.98)
    17. John Cena Holiday 2009 T-Shirt Package ($29.99)
    18. Gift Wrap Pack ($6, on sale $3.99)
    19. WWE Red Gift Bag ($3.00)
    20. DX Holiday 2009 Youth T-Shirt Package ($52, on sale $26.99)

    Those who wonder why John Cena is prominently featured on WWE programming need look nowhere else but this list. By just introducing a new line, Mr. Cena took over the top six spots—which also include sales of his older items. What some people do not realize is that by introducing a new item it can initially boost sales of an older item because people are likely to buy similar products. Over time, the new product will cannibalize the older one, but initially there is a boost. John Cena "John Deer" style merchandise was reaching a saturation point anyway, so a fresh design definitely got the wallets open. This trickle down affect even helped sell a light up pen from two design styles ago. All together, Mr. Cena dominated the list with 9 out of 20 possible slots.

    TNA sometimes releases a list of top selling items on According to the site the top selling items were:

    1. Don's Insane Brown Bag Special ($19.99, on sale $18)
    2. Don West's Vintage Celebration ($59.97, on sale $10.99)
    3. Beer Money (Take A Fall) ($0.99, on sale $0.89)
    4. Sting Plastic Mask ($4.99, on sale $3.99)
    5. Complete 2008 PPV DVD Set & Autographed Sting Card ($240, on sale $71.99)
    6. Sting "Discharge" T-shirt ($19.99, on sale $14.99)
    7. Beer Money - Daily Buzz Shirt ($19.99, on sale $14.99)
    8. TNA Logo T-Shirt Special ($24.99, on sale $22.49 to $24.99)
    9. TAZ Beat-down Hoodie ($39.99, on sale $29.99)
    10. No Surrender – 2009 DVD ($19.99, on sale $14.99)

    TNA is too busy dressing somebody up as a turkey this year to update their list.


    Wrestling isn't just about watching and reading. The best way to be a wrestling fan is to experience it live. Where is wrestling coming to in the next 2 weeks? The Personal Journal answers that question.

    SundayMondayTuesdayWednesdayThursday FridaySaturday
    29 (Nov)
  • RAW Live (Charlottesville, VA)
  • SmackDown / ECW Live (Hampton, VA)
  • 30
  • RAW (Baltimore, MD)
  • 1 (Dec)234
  • WWE SuperShow (Texarkana, AR)
  • 5
  • WWE SuperShow (Bossier City, LA)
  • 6
  • WWE SuperShow (Monroe, LA)
  • TNA Live (Glenn Falls, NY)
  • 7
  • RAW (Dallas, TX)
  • SmackDown / ECW Live (Beaumont, TX)
  • TNA iMPACT (Orlando, FL)
  • 8
  • SmackDown / ECW (Houston, TX)
  • TNA iMPACT (Orlando, FL)
  • 9101112

    Do you know a wrestling event coming up? Send one in to The Hamilton Ave Journal and we'll be sure to add it to the list.


    The Editorials section is designed for you, the readers, to respond to the views presented in the Journal, send an important news item, or talk about another overlooked business related item in wrestling. Just beware: the Journal reserves the right to respond back.

    From the commentary section last week, Watch wanted to talk a bit about the ratings of the lesser shows:

    ECW and TNA's TV ratings are nothing to go nuts about. Until a major change is made, they will move up and down a little, but in my eyes, those shows have the same audience.

    Well, they have moved around quite a bit if you look over longer periods of time then a week. ECW started out in the 2.0 range and worked its way down while iMPACT started out in the 0.7 range and worked its way up. Those percentage gains are quire significant in both directions, even though they go through long periods of stagnation.

    As for the audience, Nielsen will tell you that the audience itself is actually quite different, just like there is a different audience that watches RAW compared to SmackDown. Not saying there is not overlap, because there is, but overall it is a different set of people that watch each show.

    Alcoholic wants to continue the ratings rant:

    So... lemme get this straight. ECW went from a 2.8 rating to a 1.0 by changing the TV14 format to a PG show?? I thought INCREASING ratings was the goal.

    Maybe I have it all wrong.

    Well, ECW was never that high, so don't exaggerate the point you are trying to make. That said, the move to a PG show is a long-term shift in the WWE's demographic. By making the move, they have shed a lot of their existing audience. They are now at a point where they are building up the new audience that they hope will be with them for the next 10-15 years. Basically, they are trying to create a new audience, and that takes time. Instant ratings are not something that being TV-PG will create, nor will they destroy. The WWE's audience did not suddenly drop by a million people the day after the change. It has taken time to shed customers (although they were already on that path) just as it will take time to build new ones up.

    When it comes to the ratings, a show's placement and length can have a big effect, as Bonnie Hunter thinks we might see:

    I think RAW will be moved to a 7pm start time and run for 3 hours weekly by mid-next year. Vince will eventually give into demands by USA execs.

    With their new contract, he does not have to do any such thing. However, the three hour RAW has been a request from USA for quite some time. With the potential buyout of NBC-Universal by Comcast, the WWE may feel pressure to modify the show to meet the format they want.

    Sticking to when shows are shown, we jump across the pond to diz:

    Another tidbit on TNA in the UK: Friday's Virgin 1 showing of Impact was eight days behind, rather than from the night before. Bravo still seems to be showing up-to-date Impacts (according to friends,) so I'm not sure if it's just a cock-up on the Branson front or something deliberate. Hoping for the former though

    Hard to say, but given that Bravo has first rights it is most likely the latter. Given that, it could still change over time. When TNA first went to India their shows were nearly a month behind. At this point, the shows are only a few days behind, so there could be a similar update in the future.

    Not leaving TNA behind, Loki asks:

    When Hogan jumped to WCW, followed by Savage et al, it was WCW stealing WWFs biggest names, which slingshotted them to the top.

    Question: Do you think the same would happen if TNA poached WWEs bigget start. i.e do you think TNA would get a significant increase in viewership if John Cena, Randy Orton Triple H jumped to Orlando. Or do people only cheer them because of the show they are on?

    It would never happen of course, but it's an interesting hypothetical.

    First, neverAcquiesce gives you his thoughts:

    The hurdle TNA needs to overcome is awarness. The John Cena fans at WWE shows either don't know or care about TNA. If Cena disappeared from their screens they wouldn't necessarily migrate to Thursday nights. WCW had it easier in that they were a known commodity and had a built-in audience equal to and sometimes greater than that of the WWF. The hierarchy of WWE, TNA, ROH is not nearly the same as WWF, WCW, ECW was.

    Very true, and that is TNA's biggest issue. People are looking at the Hogan signing as how he will play with other wrestlers. That is not what Hogan's role is; he is there to bring awareness to TNA. Is he doing that job yet? Somewhat, but it will really come when he gets back to the United States and officially joins the promotion.

    Now, on to the earlier comment about WCW suddenly getting "sligshotted" to the top. Just having the big names did not do that for WCW at all. PPV buyrates went up slightly, but attendance remained about the same. It was launching Nitro that suddenly gave them a platform, but that was a year after many of those guys came over. Even then, Nitro and RAW traded victories each and every week.

    At the end of the day, it was in 1996 with the formation of the nWo that the tide truly turned. WCW had a program that captured the imagination of not only wrestling fans, but casual fans as well. That is when they came to dominance, not instantly. So in reality, there was a two year period where things were relatively the status quo.

    This is the lesson that TNA will need to learn. It is not just a talent that is going to bring in people, but having a program that people want to watch. Hopefully if Hogan brings awareness, they can bring the program. Brett sums up this point:

    On the topic of TNA signing WWE's big names like Cena or Orton, It's not really about the names they sign, sure it helps, but what is going to keep people and attract more people to TNA is to have a consistent and solid product plus strong marketing. Add those two ingredients together and over time TNA will develop if not a large audience, at least a strong audience (which, actually they must have a pretty strong base because when is the last time they had the rating dip below 0.9?)

    And finally finishing the week with Hogan and TNA is The IWC:

    To give a different response to Guest#8757 from last week to this question:

    "Why the hell aren't they selling Hogan gear yet? Are they allergic to money or something? Hogan's merch will sell like crazy before dying out after the nostalgia wears down."

    I would say that Hogan still has a deal with WWE merchandising since they are still selling Hogan merchandise. I don't know if Hogan owns his WWE related trademarks like Hulkamania or what TNA can do in this situation.

    Hulk Hogan owns all trademarks related to his name and image and was leasing them to the WWE. As a matter of fact, Hogan was working with the WWE on a new contract to allow them to do more merchandising with him (a la a Legends contract) when he struck a deal with TNA. You can imagine the WWE wanted to see a few more t-shirts with Hogan's latest DVD, but that is not to be for now.

    Plenty more was written, so be sure to take a look. And if you enjoy the Journal, why not bookmark and make it your home page? You can do that by clicking here.


    This concludes Issue #113 (Volume 2) of THE HAMILTON AVE JOURNAL. Join us next week as we get ready to ring the bell again.

    Till then!