kin of mumbai attack victims welcome

Relatives of victims of the 2008 Mumbai attack victims on Wednesday welcomed the execution of the lone surviving attacker, Ajmal Kasab, saying justice has been finally delivered. In Varanasi, Sunita Yadav, wife of victim Upendra Yadav, expressed her gratitude to the authorities for carrying out the execution.

Daily Bollywood News:Bipasha Basu - Bollywood will remain a hero-centric business

Women are active in show business like never before, but will they surpass the status Bollywood heroes enjoy? Never, says Bipasha Basu, who feels there is minimum opportunity for female actors in the Hindi film industry

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Thursday, August 13, 2009

Sophie's : winning streak

On a recent awards trip abroad Sophie decided to try her luck at gambling. While she just observed the first night, the second night she tried her hand at blackjack!
Talk about beginners luck. While her friends were losing bundles of chips, Sophie's stack was getting higher and higher! Says Sophie, ''Oh please I play baby stakes just for fun. I can't bear to lose my hard earned money at the casino but I was on a winning streak and it was so much fun seeing all the guys around me lose!''

With Inder Kumar's LAUGH RIOT releasing next month followed by Sophie's long awaited album, looks like Sophie's winning streak has just begun!

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Saif Ali Khan Did not know Deepika

It seems actor Saif Ali Khan believes in candid talk. The first time producer is all excited about his forthcoming release LOVE AAJ KAL.

But, more than the movie, it’s Deepika Padukone who is generating news for dozen reasons. Earlier, it was said that Kareena and Deepika cannot stand each other, and later that Saif is missing Deepika in the film. This Blah Blah got a fillip when Saif Ali Khan recently made a rather controversial comment.

In one of his recent interviews, Saif Ali Khan admitted that he and Deepika only came together for the film. He said, ''I don't know Deepika very well in real life. I missed Kareena during the shoot but had to respect my director's call.''

Well, though there has been no reaction from Deepika on that, but Saif seems too smitten by his lady love that he sometimes forgets to tread a cautious path, giving rumour mongers a good chance to feast on such comments.

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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Daddy Cool - Audio launch

Daddy Cool music launch at Cinemax cinema in suburban Mumbai with the cast and crew of the film.


Emraan Backtracks : Religious Profiling Problem

Was it much ado about nothing?

Just a few days back we saw Bollywood actor Emraan Hashmi creating a controversy and sparking public debates by alleging that he had been denied a house in the posh Pali Hill area of Mumbai just because he was Muslim. The allegation that the housing society refused to give a ‘no objection certificate’ (NOC) to a Muslim had evoked strong reactions from people belonging to both Hindu and Muslim communities.

Emraan had also filed a complaint with the Minorities Commission.

But now, the actor has taken a U-Turn.

“There has been a miscommunication. The society had not discriminated against me and has today said that if anyone wants to sell their house in the building, I can buy it,” Hashmi told reporters in Mumbai.

The actor was speaking after a hearing at the Minorities Commission where the matter was resolved amicably between Hashmi and the members of the Nibana housing society.

When Hashmi had alleged religious profiling a few days back, a few Muslim actors of Bollywood had rubbished the allegation. Salman Khan, for instance, had said that Emraan would not have been a star if there was religious profiling. Shahrukh Khan too had said that he never faced religious discrimination in all his years in the industry.

So, as Emraan says, it was probably a case of ‘miscommunication’ that created a mountain out of a molehill.

Vodafone to launch new BlackBerry Curve 8520

Trackball-less emailer on the shelves and ready to go

Vodafone has announced it will be stocking the new BlackBerry Curve 8520, RIM's entry level QWERTY emailer.

Vodafone is offering it at £25 a month with a free handset on a 24-month deal, or you can boost that up to £35 a month and only be locked in for 18 months.

It joins the much-maligned BlackBerry Storm 9500 in the company's BB portfolio, and offers a 2MP camera with no trackball, instead bringing an optical trackpad.


As we showed you in our recent hands on with the Curve 8520, the phone is a little thinner than other offerings from RIM, with no 3G on board and dedicated rubberised keys as well.
However, if you're a little put off by the Vodafone pricing, the good news is it will be available on other networks shortly, although we haven't got definite word on cost as yet.
In the meantime, why not amuse yourself by parsing through our delightful hands on gallery? It's like holding it in your hand. But not really.