Monday, November 2, 2009

Asin faints, has a restful birthday

Asin has been so over worked and busy these days that finally, her body could not take the strain and she passes out at an Andheri club because of non-stop interviews that she had to give for her latest film, ‘London Dreams’. The actress had reportedly slept for barely 3-4 hours last week and on that day, she had no sleep or food. This, added to the fact that she was on a slimming diet, led to her collapse and she had to be revived by her staff and friends by instant energy boosters.

Later, she rested at home on her birthday. When she came home on Sunday evening, her parents had done up the entire house with balloons, like they used to when she was younger. The night was spent with close friends who came over to dinner after which they made her cut the cake at midnight. She also spent some part of her day with children from her building.

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